Top Payment Gateways to use for Web/Mobile Apps in 2019

Gone are the times when every transaction was carried out physically. With the uprising of e-commerce and trade online, there have been a plethora of changes in the business world. Now, most of the businesses are working to provide ease to their customers. One major change that has been is the usage of online payment by many services. Although many people are unaware of the fact that these payments are carried out using a payment gateway. A payment gateway is simply a way to facilitate online transactions. It gives the advantage to the business and its customers to pay online with a secure and robust infrastructure. Therefore, if you are searching for a suitable payment gateway to integrate then below is our list of top payment gateways. Therefore, to know more read down below.

Note: Most of the payment gateways mentioned operate in India but it doesn’t mean their services are not provided elsewhere.

  • The position at which every payment gateway is mentioned is not their ranking. Each of the product has its own advantage.
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1.Paypal Payment Gateway

About: It may be the well recognised mainstream payment gateway that is mentioned on our list of Top Payment Gateways. It comes as no surprise that PayPal is widely accepted. The major reason why so many used it because it generally used for international transactions. There are about a total of 277 million active users that are registered to the platform. They have revolutionised the payment gateway industry. It offers things like managing and moving money, choices from offers, the flexibility of sending money, paying and getting money. It is a great choice and should be integrated in your app.


  • Bill Me Later: Using this service, the user can get online credit. To use it, the user must link PayPal credit with their PayPal Account. With this one can electronically generate mini-statement and schedule automatic payments.
  • Express Checkout: This one provides another way for the user to pay and it is also complementary to the current payment flow.
  • Mobile Card Reader: They also have a chip-based mobile card that can be swiped just like any credit card.
  • Virtual Terminal: The virtual terminal can actually turn your mobile, tablet, or laptop into swipe card without actually having one physically.
  • Barcode Scanning: In order to make a payment, all the user has to do is scan a barcode which will get you all the details of the receiver. 
  • Inventory Tracking: It gives you automatic updates for the inventory tracking using the Paypal Button to receive an email automatically.
  • Online Invoicing: The invoice generation in case of Paypal is automated.
  • Shopping Cart: Using this feature, one can easily set up an e-commerce website.


2.CCAvenue Payment Gateway

About: CCAvenue was founded in the year 2001 and is among the largest SaaS based service provider. It has over 1 lakh+ Indians which are using the service. It can be easily stated as the top payment gateways that is currently being used. The company is catering to different segments in business like online retail, education, hospitality, travel, and event management. It is a great payment gateway and if you are finding one to integrate then this could be the choice.


  • Multiple Payment Options: The payment service supports multiple payment options like credit cards, net banking, debit card, ATM card, prepaid instruments, and Bank EMI.
  • CCAvenue Checkout: The checkout procedure for the system is very easy so that the customers repeat.
  • Multiple Currency Processing: Get your local currency for trade and purchase. 
  • Smart Dynamic Routing: It offers dynamic switching options just in case the bank you are using is not working fine.
  • iFrame Integration: This enables the user to make the payment at the checkout page. 
  • Mobile Payment: With this payment gateway, the user can easily pay using their smartphone or tablet.


3.DirecPay Payment Gateway

About: It is another top payment gateways that is catering to thousands of people. This is another one that is being actively used in the Indian market and has given ample opportunities to retailers for online trade. It is a suite of multiple payment systems and has been a convenient option for a multitude of online businesses. It has options for almost all sorts of payments like debit cards, credit cards, net banking, mobile payment etc. It is also quite secure and has got multiple advantages for the user.


  • PCI/DSS Certified: Security is one of the most important concerns for anyone. Although, this one is certified, therefore, all your important data is safe with them. 
  • Easy Integration: It is really easy to integrate with any kind of website. The complete system can be up and running within a span of 24 hrs.
  • Real Time MIS: Using the feature the service is capable of providing real-time transaction.
  • International Credit Cards: The service accepts international credit cards, therefore, there is no stopping you if you wish to trade internationally.
  • Integrated Cart: If you are starting off a business, then it is important to have an integrated cart. Also, the integration of cart is very easy in this one.
  • SEO & PPC Management: Marketing your website is as important as having it. Also, SEO & PPC are the two most common online advertising strategies, therefore, the tools expertise provided with the system is a plus for anyone.


4.PayTm Payment Gateway

About: This is actually the tagline of the service and it also is the most trusted platform in India. The service is being used by millions of Indian and is very easy to use and integrate. It gives the user multiple options for payment which includes cards, wallet, net banking, UPI etc. It is almost collateral to use the payment gateway since at least in India, a lot of people have access to it. It is actually the top payment gateways that is being used by the masses.


  • Payment Bank: It comes with its own payment bank where you can actually have a savings account without the hassle of any paperwork.
  • No Minimum Balance: Paytm does not ask you to maintain a minimum balance. If you have an account with zero money then also it won’t charge you for anything.
  • Easy Account Opening: It is really easy to open an account on Paytm. The user just needs to register him/herself on the service and register. After that, you only have to fill in the KYC.
  • Free Online Transaction: All the transactions that are done using Paytm doesn’t charge you anything even if you have multiple transactions.
  • Break FD without Penalty: It has the facility of Fixed Deposit. Although, if you wish to take out all your money then it won’t charge you anything.
  • Free SMS Alert: It offers you free SMS alerts telling about all the latest offers that are running on the Payment Gateway.
  • Zero Fund Transfer Charge: If you are transferring your Paytm funds to your bank then it won’t charge you anything.
  • Rupay Debit Card: It is a great option for Indian as the Rupay Card is only supported in India. 


5.PayUbiz Payment Gateway

About: PayUbiz may not be a household name in India but without identifying, a lot of households are actually using it. It is being used by some of the best online e-commerce platforms like Myntra, Snapdeal, Grofers, Ola etc. It offers a variety of features to be easily called the top payment gateways in the list. The service offers the best conversion rate, a multitude of payment options, and easy integration.


  • Auto OTP: The moment your system receives an OTP for the transaction, this payment gateway will automatically fetch it.
  • Magic Retry: Just in case, if your transaction gets stuck due to poor network then it picks the transaction from the same spot.
  • Wide Payment Options: There are a variety of payment options from international cards to net banking and payment wallets. 
  • EMI:  It offers you EMI option from some of the most well-recognised banks like HDFC, ICICI, Citi Bank etc.
  • IVR: It offers one of the most advanced IVR systems in India.
  • Multi-Currency Gateway: It includes up to 13 currencies from different countries.
  • Email/SMS Invoicing: It can collect money by using both Emails as well as SMS.


6.RazorPay Payment Gateway

About: Razorpay has made a decent name for itself in a couple of years. It is great and very capable, therefore, it has been kept by us in the list of top Payment Gateways. This one is also being heavily used in India. It is very to use this payment gateway for accept, process, or disburse digital payments. The service also gives you the capability to create monthly subscriptions. Also, loads of features that are offered by the payment gateway makes it amicable to be integrated into your system.


  • Checkout: The payment form provided is compatible with multiple platforms and is responsive in nature.
  • Mobile SDK: It comes with powerful yet lightweight SDKs that can be used along with Android and iOS.
  • Dashboard: Get a complete dashboard with all the control to the entire system.
  • Payment Modes: It accepts all international payments along with net banking, wallet, cards, and much more.
  • API: Completes with APIs so that you start to integrate the system without wasting time.
  • Secure: They follow all the standard security compliance so you can be sure it breathes easy.


7.EaseBuzz Payment Gateway

About: Eazebuzz is among the best software that can be used to initiate online payment. It is an enhanced service and gives the user a plethora of options in terms of payment. The system is quite easy to use and is also pretty secure as it follows the RBI guidelines and is PCI DSS compliant. It gives the comfort of creating multiple stores for different types of products be it physical items or services. It covers a wide spectrum and therefore has been placed by us in our list of top payment gateways.


  • Zero Setup Cost: It takes zero cost to set up Eazebuzz for your website or application.
  • Multiple Payment Types: There are so many payment types to choose from cards to internet banking.
  • Start in Minute: One can start working with payment gateway in a couple of minutes.
  • Invoice Payments: The user gets invoices for all the transaction he/she makes.
  • Payment Analytics: Gets you full-fledged analytics for payment.
  • Fraud Screening: It will specifically check that there is no fraudulent activities involved using the Payment Gateway.
  • Live Monitoring: It comes with the feature of monitoring everything live.
  • Secure Server: Security is one of the most important aspects and they have paid special attention to it.
  • Robust Security: Apart from the server, they also follow all the standards to maintain a secure environment for the user.


8.Cashfree Payment Gateway

About: Cashfree has processed over Rs.6000 crore of business in India. It supports almost 100 payment methods and is quite an advanced service that is being used in the country. The service is being backed by silicon valley contributors and has also ample support from Paypal. It deserves every right to be on the list of top payment gateways. For now, it is supporting more than 10,000+ services online, therefore, if you are looking for a capable payment gateway then this is it.


  • Payment Form: It gets you a fixed link that can be shared with anyone instead of your bank account.
  • Invoicing: Track payment statuses using SMS and Email services. Also, get an invoice for each transaction.
  • Product Hosting: Just start to sell your products right away the moment you set up your website.
  • Custom Checkout Page: Unlike most of the Payment Gateway, this one allows you to have a custom checkout page.
  • Pre-Authorisation: Just in case there is any modification with the users orders then it instantly refund without incurring any charges.
  • Saved Cards: Save your customers from typing the card details every time they do a transaction.
  • Connect Paytm and Paypal: It is very easy to connect Paytm and Paypal from the system.


9.EBS Payment Gateway

About: EBS stands for e-billing solutions. It is a service that started in the year 2005. It helps to leverage the full potential of its clients and provide make ends meet by providing a medium for transactions between businesses and customers. The different mediums that the service uses are net banking, credit cards, debit cards etc. Back in the day, it was the first service that achieved the PCI DSS 3.0 standard of compliance. It is great at what it does and is surely among the top payment gateways.


  • Payment Success Rate: It offers you a variety of payment methods. Payment methods like debit cards, credit cards, net banking, cash cards, digital wallets etc. This number of options makes your transaction collateral.
  • Custom Experience: In the case of EBS, the customer will be there on your page which can be designed by you as per your likeness. Most of the payment gateway redirect the payment to their own page.
  • Fastest: The complete system of EBS can be set up within a span of 24hrs.
  • International Payments: This payment gateway supports a multiple numbers of currencies. Some of these currencies are Rupee, American Dollar, Canadian Dollar, British Pound, Euro etc.
  • Customer Convenience: It is very convenient for your customers as it allows the option of autopay. Also, using this payment gateway one can easily convert his/her online transaction into EMI.


10.InstaMojo Payment Gateway

About: Instamojo is another really famous payment gateway that can be considered easily. It is currently serving more than 1,000,000+ services in India. This one is completely free to implement. It means that the user doesn’t have to pay any setup or maintenance fee. It is a multi-channel gateway made for India with different options for payments like credit, debit, wallet, net banking, UPI & EMI. It can also be implemented in a plethora of services like SMS, Email, Whatsapp, Facebook, Websites, and a lot more. It is actually a top payment gateways that is currently operating in India.


  • Transaction Process: The process that is used to carry out the transaction is PCI DSS Compliant. It means that this process is secure just like a bank transaction.
  • Notifications: Get a variety of live alerts and notifications for your customer using SMS, Emails, and the app.
  • Payments API: The Payment API that is provided is very easy to integrate. Also, the customer can go live in a matter of hours.
  • Payment Modes: It supports up to 100+ payment modes that can be used for payments.
  • Payment Links: To implement the payment, the user doesn’t need to have a dedicated website. It lets you create your own link and share it among your potential customers to collect payment. 
  • Analytics: Get an instant insight about the gains and the statistics related to your customers. It gets you a great console using which you can easily get the data you want to improve.
  • App Store: It also has a dedicated app store which can be used to integrate new business tools to your website.


11.Dwolla Payment Gateway

About: Dwolla started in the year 2008. They had a simple reason to start the service, it was the capability to give a regular user to move money in a manner that is fast, easy, and affordable. Dwolla is a service that is being used on a daily basis to move millions worth of currency. It saves you from the credit card bill fees and from the paperwork that is related to bills. Their goal was to make a simplified system and therefore Dwolla came into existence. It is a great service with multiple options and features that provides ease making it capable stand its position in the list of top payment gateways.


  • Bank Verification: This Payment Gateway is more than capable of tracing all your instant as well as micro-transactions.
  • Custom Limits: The Payment Gateways to make transactional limits as per your choice.
  • Great API: It is a great API and quite easy to integrate. The payment gateway can go live within a span of hours.
  • Dashboard: It offers you a dashboard with multiple options and a full-fledged admin panel that lets you make all the changes you want.
  • On-Demand Transfers: This one provides the comfort of generating on-demand transactions that can be fulfilled by third-party payment modes using the payment gateway.


12.Amazon Payment Gateway

About: Amazon has made its name in a variety of segments from e-commerce to cloud computing, the company has been doing great work in all directions. Although, today we will be talking about the payment gateway. It hasn’t been much time since the service started and it is already being used by millions of customers all around the world. The service has a multitude of options for payment. It also offers the feature of autopay and is among the most secure payment gateway. It deserves to be on the list of top payment gateways considering its service and the company that backs it.


  • Automatic Payments: It allows the user to make automatic payments without the entry of any additional data.
  • Identity: With this payment gateway, the identity of the user is not vulnerable since the system generates a completely new session for each transaction that follows.
  • Inline Checkout: The process of checking out from the Payment Gateway is quite linear.
  • Fraud Protection: The system has been made secure enough to protect you from any online fraud.
  • Website Integration: The integration of the system is very and it can run online in a matter of hours.


13.Zoho Checkout Payment Gateway

About: Zoho at its core is a software development company. Although, they also have a payment gateway known by the name Zoho Checkout. The Zoho Checkout system is so great that the user can create his/her dedicated page and start accepting payment within minutes. The Zoho System works on the basis of three C’s. The first “C” stands for create where you create your payment. The second one stands for Customize where you can fine-tune the page and change the appearance as per the likeness. The last and the most important “C” stands for Collect which is obvious using different payment methods. It is a great payment gateway and deserves to be on the list of top payment gateways.


  • Payment Options: There are a variety of payment options that are available with the payment gateway. It has options like recurring bills, instant payment, split payments, real-time payments etc.
  • Admin Panel: It has a great panel that comes with a number of options. It gets you options like dispute resolution, payout time, user, role, and access management etc.
  • Security: It is quite secure and offers PCI Compliance, fraud protection tools, data tokenization, and two-factor authentication.
  • API Development: It offers a wide range of customizations along with easy API integration. It also offers accounting and software integration.
  • Platform: It is available on a variety from international transactions to supplemental technology.


14.BitPay Payment Gateway

About: Bitpay has a lot to offer in terms of potential. It is among the few payment gateways that support transactions using Bitcoins. The major reasons why one should consider it would be the global reach, anti-fraud features, and no hidden fees. It charges you 1% on your transaction and except for that, the customer doesn’t have to pay a single penny. It is a trusted platform which is being used by giants like Microsoft, Fancy, AirBaltic, Shopify etc. It also allows the user to accept bitcoins and get paid in the currency of your choice. This one is a great payment and hence it makes the list of top payment gateways.


  • Cryptography: It supports three of the most majorly recognised cryptocurrency which are bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and Ethereum. 
  • Fiat Currency: It supports a variety of international currencies like Euro, Canadian dollar, Mexican Peso, US Dollar etc.
  • USD Token: One can also US Tokens on the service to pay. The list of USD Token that is supported is USD Coin, Gemini Dollar, and Paxos Standard.
  • Email Billing Tools: It gets the subscriber the option of email tools that can be used for billing.
  • Automatic Payment: Offers the customers using it the option of setting up automatic pay against any transaction.
  • Ecommerce Payment Tools: Multiple payment tools for various different transactions be it trade-related, donation, or retail payments.


15.Mobikwik Payment Gateway

About: Mobikwik is another service that is running successfully in India. It comes with a variety of convenient options and minimal processing fees. Except for the processing, there is no hidden for integration or maintenance. They are already working with some of the best in the industry including companies like Domino’s, Zomato, uber, BlueDart, EaseMyTrip etc. It is a decent payment gateway and therefore has been mentioned in our list of top payment gateways.


  • Mobile Friendly: This one can be used along with a variety of resolutions making it adequate for all sorts of devices.
  • Diverse Payment: It can be used with a wide range of debit as well as credit cards.
  • Best Conversion: It can carry out a wide variety of transactions with different transaction paths making the success rate pretty high.
  • Seamless Integration: It is really easy to integrate with minimal maintenance.
  • Secure: It has been made keeping security the first thing in mind using high-rated security protocols.
  • Analytics: Offers you a variety of analytical tools that can gain you insight into your users behaviour. Payment Gateway

About: It might be the oldest service that is still operating in our list of top payment gateway. It is currently serving more than 430,000 merchants. It is a service that makes electronic pay via a credit or debit card simplified be it in person, online, or mobile. On a yearly basis, the service is actually handling more than 1 billion transactions and an amount of about $147 billion. The payment gateway is quite simplified and therefore has been mentioned in the list of top payment gateways.


  • Advanced Fraud Detection: It has got almost 13 filters that help you against fraudulent activities and save you from losing money online.
  • Payment Types: It includes all the major credit cards, debit cards, e-checks, and digital payment solutions.
  • Secure Customer Data: It has been provided with a Customer Information Manager that can help you save billing, payment, and shipping information that one can fetch.
  • Simple Checkout: It is very easy to implement a buy now as well as a donate button using the payment gateway.
  • Account Updater: It provides you with automatic updates of all your monthly expenditures and helps you track them better.
  • Recurring Payments: It gives you the comfort of automatically paying your monthly recurring bills.
  • Invoicing: Generates digital invoices every time a transaction is carried out.


17.Skrill Payment Gateway

About: Skrill is known to make online payments easy and accessible. Also, they have been doing it since 2001. They have been acknowledged for creating and maintaining a global payment solution. It is catering to a multitude of services like gaming deposits, e-commerce sites, or individual payments. The payment gateway has received various awards in its department. Payment with Skrill is quick and easy, therefore, we have placed it in our list of top payment gateways.


  • Quick Checkout: It is really easy to set up checkout using the payment gateway. Also, they have an entire documentation on how to do it correctly in no time.
  • Digital Wallet: Offers a variety of digital wallets for the ease of customers.
  • Automated Payment Interface: Gets you an automated payment interface for different transactions like wallet payments, refunds, repost etc.
  • Mass Payment: Using the payment gateway, the customer can easily carry out a mass payment.
  • Brand Recognition: It is being used by a variety of big organisations and is also easily compatible with different frameworks.


18.WorldPay Payment Gateway

About: WorldPay is a payment gateway which has been developed by FIS Global. It is a really big MNC and has maintained its reputation. There are over 59 billion transactions that happen using the service. Also, the total amount of money that is processed is close to $8 trillion. For now, they are serving more than 15,725+ clients and are often regarded as the best in the industry. All of the above and the great features make it a great choice for the list of top payment gateways.


  • Real-Time Data: Get all the insights that can be helpful for you to gain more audience and close analytics for better conversion on items and services.
  • Webhooks: Webhooks are instant notifications that your user might get the moment he/she make a transaction.
  • Simple Order: Managing the orders with this payment gateway is as easy as a breeze. For instance, making a refund can be done using a single button.
  • Recurring Payments: This one like many payment gateways also supports recurring payments that can be regularly billed just like subscriptions.
  • Robust Payments: With Worldpay, your customers can do transactions 24*7.
  • Fast Payouts: Processing the payment using the payment gateway is very fast.


19.Stripe Payment Gateway

About: Stripe has the capability to support any kind of business be it small or big. Stripe provides a multi-platform system for businesses that put revenue data at the centre. They have a wide range of tools to manage your business well. Stripe doesn’t just offer a payment gateway but also a solution for companies to gain and make use of proper insight. There are so many tech giants who are using the service including names like Google, Uber, Amazon, Microsoft, Spotify etc. Considering the amplitude of services it offers, it was bound to be in the list of top payment gateways.


  • Customer Interfaces: A wide range of customizations with custom UI toolkit, in-person payment, smart payment, open-source plugins etc.
  • Payment Options: There are a variety of payment options that are offered like cards, wallets, local payment gateways, currencies, and subsidiary reports.
  • Revenue Optimisation: It offers pre-authorisation and close connections with all the major card networks.
  • Mobile: Provides multiple interfaces for different types of platforms like Android, iOS, and mobile web.
  • Payouts: There are a variety of payouts that can be configured using the gateway for instance Unified, multicurrency, instant, connect etc.
  • Business Operation: It is easily manageable and provides different roles and responsibilities to different departments.
  • Reporting & Insights: Gets the subscriber a dashboard that has all the useful insight.
  • Third-Party Integrations: It has a great range of tools for CRM as well as it gets you 24*7 support.


20.SecurionPay Payment Gateway

About: SecurionPay is another payment gateway that keeps revenue generation at the centre of everything. It is very secure and is a perfect fit for integration in websites or mobile apps. The tech used for the service is capable of handling any kind of scenario. Also, with this service, the user is getting multiple options to complete a transaction. Paying with SecurionPay is very easy and it’s business tools get you all the analytics that you need. It is indeed one of the top payment gateways out there and hence we have mentioned it in our list.


  • Ease with Risky Payments: Integration with the payment gateway is seamless. Also, it is quite secure, simple, and transparent that your customer won’t have any issue operating.
  • Conversion: Get a payment gateway that attracts customers because of its features and ease of use.
  • Billing Model: The billing model that is used in the payment gateway is based on SaaS. 
  • Payment Scenario: Offers the capability to tackle multiple payment scenarios where the payment could fail.
  • Anti-Fraud Tools: It comes with a plethora of procedures and filters to protects you against online fraud.
  • Faster Payments: It has got features that can make the buying for the customers as easy as a simple click.


So this was our list on top payment gateways that anyone can use in 2019 for web/mobile apps. It is important to carefully select the best payment gateway for yourself as it affects your customer experience. Also, getting a good service eases you with insight towards your business. In case if you are looking for app developer then maybe we can help. To send us an enquiry kindly mail us at [email protected]. We have also written an article on creating PWA using ReactJS, therefore to check it out kindly click on the link provided. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.

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