Top investment platforms to ignite ideas for your investor-centric apps this year

For those late to the party, investment apps have been front and center this year, growing massive followings and quietly but surely finding their place in everyone’s smartphone. The hustler or grind culture dominates Gen Z and millennials, so it’s crystal clear that you can’t talk too much to a category member who treats money-making lightly. Increasing numbers of people register on apps that enable them to track the current Bitcoin price to know where the market is going, specifically as the asset is touted to be the future of money and increasingly prominent banks offer Bitcoin-based products to customers. Evidently, aiming to create such a platform is far-fetched. And luckily, you should not even reach for such untouchable stars!

Those dipping their toes in investment waters start their journey by selecting the proper investment app and learning its ins and outs. Choosing their favorite one ultimately boils down to their needs, expectations, and timeframe. Conversely, the capacity of each platform to meet their needs is based upon several key factors. For these elements are often the same, including the educational content offered, investment menu, categories, trading ability, fees, and usability. You have some things already figured out.

In light of the ever-rising focus on investment possibilities, you can, too, get a slice of the pie. Let’s explore some of the most helpful alternatives on the market to discover more about what investors want from their investment apps.

MarketWatch games

What better way to learn the ins and outs of trading than by simulating the official MarketWatch games? You can quickly sign in and play for free, as you’ll be given a certain amount of in-game money to use in trades. You will have your own profile that discloses all the necessary data you may need about the companies that offer stocks, from Tesla to PepsiCo, as well as essential information about your portfolio. The core purpose of the company’s development is to bridge the gap between the younger audience, gaming, and finance.

Probably one of the best aspects of this option is that you can use bountiful learning materials to perfect your trading, including the web pages designated for research and tools that offer valuable information for investors, as well as:

  • A mutual fund finder feature
  • Stock and market screeners
  • Earnings Calendar
  • An IPO Calendar
  • Analysis and news
  • The latest Index updates
  • NASDAQ and NYSE New 52 week high/lows
  • S. Stock Movers
  • ETF Movers.


Invstr, a newbie-friendly investment app offering fantasy stock gaming apps and boasting $1MN virtual money in circulation, may look similar to MarketWatch proposals initially. The distinction lies in the ease with which enthusiasts with zero knowledge about the financial market and investment tools are accommodated in uncharted territory. Furthermore, the app stands out through a unique offering—a social network and news feed for brainstorming.

The app lays the foundation for users to build education in investments, banking, and financials with a virtual portfolio of cryptocurrencies and stocks. How you manage and spread the $1MN capital offered will be up to you. Hopefully, you’ll look into more areas, like ETFs, U.S. Stocks, and fractional shares, to confidently determine the best pick for your needs.


Betterment is an ETF-oriented investment platform aimed at simplifying the process of investing and making savings so you, too, can learn to keep track of your financials. You’ll get to invest in a customized portfolio, establish buckets for your objectives, fulfill tasks, and receive rewards. The brand’s mobile app allows you to access automated deposits, portfolio selections, trading, rebalancing, and other categories that will facilitate your journey to better financial management.

This one is excellent for rapid transactions and offers a high-up view of the investments attracted. As you can see, rising numbers of individuals seek to get serious about their investments. They could use your expertise in app development, thus bringing a lucrative niche closer.


Wealthfront is one of the most popular investment inventions that puts a robo-advisor at users’ disposal. It assists your money management process, taking a small advisory fee for the service. The account is easy to set up, and you’ll receive $5,000 in virtual money to manage freely during the simulation.

It appears that shortcuts to better stock investments exist and they take the form of digital portfolios with free manageable money that assists your dividend reinvestment, trade handling, and so on.


We need to make a unique case for Acorns, the app specifically designed for millennials unwilling to splurge their money. The tool helps you play it safe by monitoring acquisitions of your debit and credit card and rounding everyone off to a round total for a margin. The rest is then set aside and redirected to your investment portfolio. For a better understanding, imagine it works similarly to Revolut Pocket, which rounds up spent sums to the nearest whole number to help users save money with every purchase.

Investing has never been easier or safer. Risk-free investments are ideal for those who are just starting up.

About costs and features

Free trading is skyrocketing as individuals seek more control over their money and the tools used. New investors opt for apps that help them manage their portfolios remotely, which is why increasing numbers of entrepreneurs and app developers do all it takes to create investment apps.

This can be a great idea, especially considering that such developments yielded $22.8BN of revenue three years ago and have only risen ever since. As you have already learned, several platforms exist, including “DIY” with zero analysis, apps with human advisors where individuals do the analytics and apps with robot assistance and AI analysis. Sometimes, these strategies get combined into a single app.


Creating an investment app may cost some bucks, but when done right and according to current needs, the reward is worth the trouble. With more and more people holding long-term investments like ETFs, cryptos, and so on, it’s crystal clear that you have a massive market transformed by informational tech that you can navigate. So, can you afford to sit on the fence?

Sudeep Bhatnagar
Co-founder & Director of Business
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