Unlike we Men, Women are born multitaskers and everything they do always suffice the perfect standard. A lot of women sacrifice their career to rear their child especially during the early phases of his/her growth. Although, once they are grown up they often contemplate their decision of giving up on their careers. Now from a couple of years, we have seen a rise in the number of moms who are taking up their career and proving their mantle being an entrepreneur. These moms are often referred to as mompreneurs. 

There are so many successful mompreneurs who are creating businesses and adding value to their countries economy. These moms are a perfect example of how one could lead their career forward despite the odds and grow value for themselves and the people around them. Therefore, if you are a budding mompreneur and thinking of getting an app for yourself then this article is for you.

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Why should a Mompreneurs consider App Development?

Well, if you are reading this article then one thing is clear that you are actually serious about your business. And, if that is the case then the next step one must take is to create an app for the product you have to offer. Having an app gives you immense leverage. It is the best way one could market your products. It is so because millions of people download applications on a daily basis. 

If you have an idea or a product that can help people then your app can become a must-have for your target audience. Getting an app for your product puts you directly in front of your target customers. It helps you get a dedicated crowd for your product. Also, one can take the benefit of push notifications and other great features and tell their customers about the best offerings. Although before that, it is essential for you to know about some of the best tools that are available in the app market for mompreneurs. Therefore, have a look at them.

Top Applications for Mompreneurs to Use


About: Evernote is a famous application that is being used by many people to maintain organised notes. It is fast and quite efficient if you wish to keep your daily tab. It lets you find your written information faster. Also with Evernote, it is very easy for people to share information with their peers. The application lets you manage everything be it big projects or personal diary of keeping info. Apart from text, the user can also store pics and voice associated notes. It comes with a reminder, therefore, the user would be reminded before he/she reaches the deadline. It is a great tool for many mompreneurs out there.


  • Write notes, memos, checklist, to-do lists etc. that are easily searchable.
  • Create notes and books in a variety of formats like text, photos, sketches, audio, video, PDFs, web clippings etc.
  • Get the feature of attaching Microsoft Docs and much more.
  • Get a separate notebook for creating memos, notes, checklists etc.
  • Use your camera to scan and comment on pieces which include printed documents, business cards, handwriting, and sketches.



About: TaskRabbit is a convenient option for anyone who is looking for convenience around their household. The application allows you to hire taskers without putting stress over your pocket. They offer a variety of services like mounting & installation, heavy lifting, furniture assembly, cleaning etc. The task is shown on the website with the average pricing and the user can select accordingly. All the user has to do is describe their task, choose the tasker, and get going. It is a convenient option for many mompreneurs out there. It is something that can be of daily use to you or maybe seldom. Although, it will be worthwhile to try it at least once.


  • Offers the user a list of qualified taskers.
  • Select taskers based on pricing and reviews.
  • Get to chat with tasker.
  • Make a booking within minutes.
  • Get a variety of services like Handyman, Home Repair, Leaf Removal, Plumbing etc.



About: If you are a mompreneur than it can be very difficult for you to manage the need of your baby along with your job. Many women work from home but struggle when they need a babysitter. The reason is simple, there will always be times where one needs to go out. Urbansitter can be the resolver of that problem. The application lets you hire a babysitter sitting at home without any hassle. It uses your social network to search for a perfect nanny in your circle. The service provides you with relevant options to hire someone who can be trusted with your kids. It is a simple yet great application that can be tried once if you need a babysitter.


  • Application offer features for both parent and the babysitters.
  • Mandatory background checks for the babysitter.
  • Easy payment options.
  • Get the babysitter of your choice for instance: part-time, full-time, occasional childcare etc.
  • Application shows you local babysitters making sure your baby is in safe hands.



About: Being a mompreneur can be quite a stressful job. We men generally complete our office work(it doesn’t mean we aren’t under pressure or stress) and focus in a single direction. Although, Women have to juggle through multiple responsibilities. Also, if you are a mompreneur than that means that you are handling your business sideways. Happify is an app that can keep our mom feel a little relaxed and avoid negative thoughts. The service provides you with active tools that can help you manage stress, anxiety, sadness. The techniques that are used in the apps are based on strong concrete concepts like positive psychology, mindfulness, and cognitive therapy. It is a great application and will be fruitful in your journey as a mompreneur.


  • Get access to almost 30+ tracks.
  • It lets you track your progress on a daily basis.
  • Tracks are created using scientific therapeutic methodologies.
  • Helps you achieve mindfulness using mind training.
  • It comes with a freemium version.



About: Voxer is an application that can be used to communicate with your team members. It is real-time app that can be used for push to talk. It offers the users a secure line to communicate with each other. The app works perfectly fine with Android, iOS, and the web. Using this application, one can even deliver world-class customer service. It allows you to listen to the messages at your own behest. Also, it allows you to work with a variety of media like text, photos, video, and share your location. It is something that can be tried by any mompreneurs if they are onto a business that requires customer service.


  • Offers the user the capability of push to talk just like a walkie talkie.
  • Capability to listen to the messages later on.
  • All the messages shared are encrypted in nature.
  • Create a chat group of 500 individuals.
  • Get messages on all your devices.
  • Share using dropbox and also live location.
  • Allow different types of media like text, audio, videos, and gifs.
  • Enjoy the crystal clear quality of the audio.



About: For a lot of email marketers, Mailchimp is a name that doesn’t need any introduction. The great part about this service, it is also available as an Android based application. It is a great tool to leverage the full potential of your product. Mailchimp has also been awarded for the best email marketing tool. It helps you build your business be it e-commerce, website, app, or simply a startup. It is quite flexible and easy to use. Therefore, if you are not using this tool then trust it is something that you should seriously consider as a mompreneur.


  • Lets you manage your content and helps you build contacts using the CRM tool.
  • Keep a tab of all your running campaigns.
  • Get to prepare emails from scratch.
  • Resume your work from where you left off.
  • Get recommendations from your fellow mailchimpers.
  • Personalized notifications for the next move.



About: Tripcase if surely something that mompreneurs should have a serious look at especially if you have to travel on a regular basis. This application is a simple gateway to fix your itinerary. The application helps you manage all your travels plans in a breeze. Using this app, the user can manage flight itineraries, hotel bookings, and reservations for cars or cabs. Get information like the flight terminal on your device and receive notifications wherever you are. It is a great application and one should just try it out.


  • Access your itinerary from anywhere.
  • Add reservations on the go.
  • Share your itinerary with different people and let them know your plans.
  • Get real-time seat maps to find your place easily.
  • Get different features for trip, airport, and destination.


8.Happy Kids Timer

About: Kids have an attention span that is less than that of a fraction of seconds. It can be pretty difficult to manage things alongside your kids. The reason is simple they tend to run from one thing to another. Therefore, it is essential that you create a fixed routine for your kids. This application has been mentioned at a variety of places and received positive reception from parents. It is often regarded as a great parenting app. The app helps your kid complete all morning chores and be on time for the school. The struggle is real, especially if your kid has ADHD. Although, Happy Kids Timer has helped thousands of parents and is still improving lives. It can be a great app to manage your child’s morning routine, therefore, it is a must have for any mompreneurs.


  • Capability to add 4 custom habits in the routine and change them as per your home habits.
  • Change the time duration taken for the kid to make it more challenging.
  • Lets you designate rewards and target stars.
  • Get a printed certificate once you have achieved the designated stars.



About: Asana is more of a team based application. The application lets you plan out your work schedule. This helps you focus on all the tasks that are necessary to complete. It works as a work management platform that people use to stay focused on their goals, projects, and daily tasks. Effectively using this app will help you create a better business and will eventually help you grow. It is a must-have and should be tried by every mompreneur.


  • Quite quick in updating and adding the work.
  • See all your pending work in the “MyTask” Tab.
  • Changes done on the application will be reflected on the website.
  • Add your task and project guideline to the homescreen using the Asana widget.
  • Make conversations with your teammate and broadcast message throughout the team.
  • Have the capability to add due dates, assignees, followers, details etc.
  • Also comes with a paid version for a lot more features.



About: Well for a mom keeping a track of their health and their kids’ health is of utmost importance. The application lets the user keep a track of all the health information and access to health services. It lets you scan your pill bottles and create an instant list of medication. It also reminds you of all the medications that you need to take and create health info like blood glucose or blood pressure. It also helps you get all your medications at your doorstep. It is a great application and is truly a must-have for mompreneurs.


  • Offers you the feature of managing your medication by keeping a list of medicines, refill, dosages etc.
  • Organise all your contacts in different forms like Doctors, Pharmacy, insurance, family etc.
  • Get the feature of recording all the vital information like blood glucose, sleep, weight, and more.
  • Get a journal to record your medical history and observations.
  • Organise and assign multiple tasks to other people.
  • Get to upload photos, health files, and much more.


How Agicent can help Mompreneurs with App development?

  • Flexible Pricing and Payment: Well, we work with a couple of flexible plans for making the payment. You could either get a fixed flat quotation on your application or go for the monthly plan. One can also take up a weekly plan where you will be liable to pay every week. Also, you can hire a dedicated development team if you want. We also work with a milestone based system. In this, it will be designated for how much work what should be paid. Just in case if you are dissatisfied then you can any time take the completed work and leave.
  • Business and Product Planning: Just in case, if you are coming to us with a complete layman’s perspective then we are capable of helping you. We have been making softwares and applications for our clients since 2011. We have previously worked alongside with many clients helping them to set up their businesses. We have also helped multiple clients with the plan of how their product should be developed as per market requirements.
  • Marketing: We have a digital marketing team that can help you establish your application initially. We can help you with making your application searchable both in case of app stores as well as the web.
  • Fund Raising: Just in case, if you are struggling to find funds for your projects then we can help you network better. Also, try to get you the best deal in terms of your funds. Therefore, you can start your business in no time and with ease.
  • Back Office Operation: Beginning as a fresh entrepreneur can be a daunting task. Customer support and service is one of the most crucial aspects of today’s business. Therefore, if you need help in setting up your back office then we can help you identify your needs in setting up a back office for operations.


So this was our insight over why mompreneurs needs an app and how we can help. Also, in this article, we have mentioned some applications that can be of great help to you as a mompreneur. In case, if you feel like you want to work with us then mail us at [email protected] and our team will get back to you. We have also written an article on “Can PWAs replace native apps”, therefore, in order to read the article click on the link provided. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading the article until the end.

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