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Best Programming Learning Sites in 2019

The IT industry was established way before but it was the era of the 90s that it started to become more and more mainstream. Now everyone owns a computer and practically every task related to finance, trade, e-commerce etc are happening over it. This was made possible by applications and websites. This meant that there was an upsurge of Web and App Developers. It is one of the finest industries to work in if you are logically creative and wants to earn a decent living. Therefore, if you are thinking of finding the best programming learning sites then we are here to help you.


About: Codecademy is one of the best known websites that is being used by millions of students to learn to code. They exist from almost 7 years and have been used by almost 45 million students. Here you have a multitude of courses from which you can choose an appropriate one. Codecademy believes in experiential learning. This means that you will be learning to code by coding within minutes. It will help you practice and get the kind of job you desired. It is one of the best programming learning sites for any student who either wishes to start from scratch or polish what they know.


About: Edx is another really famous service that is being used by many students all around the globe. It is a massive open online course provider. There are multiple disciplines in which one can enroll him/herself. They have already tried to include new methodologies to enhance the way people learn on a platform. The online platform was developed by MIT and Harvard in the year 2012. The universities that are associated with the service itself make it one of the best programming learning sites out there. They have about 2200 courses online which are being pursued by millions of students making it a perfect platform.


About: Rather than an online training school, this one is more of a community that helps each other. There are so many great developers who are affiliated to Hack.Pledge. These developers help each other in creating software giving just an hour of their time. It is a unique concept which takes the collaborative spirit and mentorship to the next yield of programmers to another level. They have some of the best signatories coming to help from different great places. Also, the website is regularly endorsed by some of the finest online portals and companies online. It is actually one do the best programming learning sites out there. Therefore, if you are working on something and are stuck then this could be something really fruitful for you.


About: Coursera is another really well known online learning platform that offers massive open online courses, specializations, and degrees. Coursera collaborates with other universities to provide students globally with online courses, specializations, and degrees in multiple streams like engineering, medicine, social sciences etc. Although this one is also a great platform for anyone who is looking to learn coding. It is often recommended by many people and also the certifications that are provided are from some of the universities in the world. For now, there are more than 33 million users that are registered with the service. Also, the number of courses that are offered by the online platform is close to 3600 in 2019. It is truly one of the best programming learning sites. 

5.Khan Academy

About: The story behind this online service is quite interesting. This platform was created by a man named Salman Khan who is an American Mathematics Educator. He came up with the idea in 2008 when he tutored one of his cousins in Mathematics using the doodles on Yahoo. The service is available to people in multiple languages like German, Russian, Czech, Bulgarian, Hindi etc. It is a non-profit organisation which is backed by charities from philanthropist’s. It has come out as great service and is being used by many students, therefore, making it one of the best programming learning sites out there.


About: This is another really great platform that has taken learning to the next level. Bitdegree offers the user a multitude of courses that anyone can pursue upon paying a little fee. It is really fun to learn using Bitdegree. Here you can also earn cool rewards by completing their 7-day streak of learning. The service has been mentioned by many big companies like Yahoo, HuffPost, Mogul, TheStreet etc. It is a great place to learn and therefore we have mentioned it in the list of best programming learning sites.


About: If you are a complete beginner and thinking of learning to code from scratch then this service may be the best choice for you. They offer you high-quality training with state of the art programming skills. There are so many programming languages and framework that one can learn using this platform. They also add new content on a daily basis, making it one of the best programming learning sites. Also, the teaching style that is used in the service is quite engaging. The website also allows the student to select their teacher by checking out the portfolio. The service is catering almost 70,000 students in 150 countries, therefore, it may be the best platform for you to learn.


About: Udemy is one of the most popular websites that has been mentioned in the list of best programming learning sites. There are over 30+ million students that are using it to learn different skills. They offer a multitude of courses including training for different technologies in the IT industries. Although, before going for any course, it is essential that you check the review, rating, and the cost for the same. There are so many options so you can actually choose the best for yourself.

9.MIT OpenCourseWare

About: This service is actually backed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It has a total of 2400 courses available. A large number of students take the benefit of the service and get trained by some of the best in the industry. Here you can get free lecture notes, exams, and videos that are straight from MIT. In fact upon completion of the course, the certificate will be issued to you is going to be from MIT. It is a great place to learn how to code, therefore, can be placed in the list of best programming learning sites.


About: Github is a subsidiary of Microsoft that provides hosting for software development. The service offers control and source code management. Although, apart from that it is a great place to learn for beginners to learn how to code. It has an established community. Also, many of the newest framework that is deployed on Github including the documentation. It has come out as one of the best services of today. It is being used by many people to be it, beginners or professional coder. Therefore, if you are looking for the best programming learning sites then there is no way one could deny that it is one.

11.Web Fundamentals

About: This one can be a great website for someone who is trying to work on a web platform. Although, rather than posing as a core web learning platform, it serves more like a best practice guidelines. The website can teach you about multiple architectural patterns, design & user experience, performance, security, and much more. The best programming learning sites is backed by Google. It is a great site which everyone should visit at least once if they are creating a web platform.

12.Code School

About: Now officially known as pluralsight, it is one of the best programming learning sites that one can browse to learn coding. On this website, the user can either subscribe to the individual code school or the code school. They feature tutorials for all the technologies that are currently in demand and keep on updating themselves. The tutor is given to the students using assessments, paths, code courses, and expert-led content. The student can also take the skill IQ test which will tell where you stand and then start working on yourself.

13.Code Conquest

About: Are you a complete beginner and don’t have a clue where to start from? Well, Code Conquest is the place where you can start. It has all the information that you need to learn the coding step by step. Also, it is quite pocket friendly. It is one place where you can find answers to all your queries. They have also provided free tutorial for four of the most commonly used languages. The website has got great reviews from the community, therefore, we placed it in the list of the best programming learning sites.


About: Well, this is not a website but a blog. Although, if you’ll check it out then you will definitely keep it in the list of best programming learning sites. The blog is updated regularly and it has full-fledged courses on Python, Swift(iOS), Hacking and Security Testing, and much more. The blog has been started by an independent developer. It is a great blog, therefore, it would be great to check this one out.

15.Tutorials Point

About: Last but not least, Tutorialspoint has helped so many students and it is completely free. Here you can find tutorials for a multitude of languages. Also, the website gets you a console to test what you have learnt and practice properly. This has been one of the best programming learning websites in India. Also, a lot of beginner coders and developers often visit the website that too for completely free. If you are thinking of learning any language then this may be something to which you can seriously look.

So these were some of the best programming learning sites that can be used by you. All of these websites have something to offer and are a great medium of learning things from scratch. In case, if you are looking for an app development company then maybe we can help. To send us an enquiry mail us at We have also written an article over App Development for Mompreneurs, therefore, to reach the article click on the link provided. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.

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