Are you fond of taking selfies? Most of your internal memory is spent on curating a list of great selfies. Well, if you are someone who is closely alike to the above description then this article is for you. There are endless people who are posting selfies and you want yours to stand out. Well, this wouldn’t happen if you start to be a little creative with the images. Although, a lot of people lack the insight of a great app that can help them with it. Therefore, in order to know some of the best selfie apps to use in 2020 read down the article below.


About: Thinking of posting a selfie with all the suave, well, Airbrush is capable of getting you just that. It is a great photo editor that takes great selfies and makes you edit the most crucial aspects you might want to deal with. With this fast, powerful, and easy to use photo editor, one can actually edit their pimple, smoothen the skin, even out the skin tone, and whiten teeth. It comes with all this with custom settings to have better control over your image. If you are surfing the internet for the best selfie apps then our number one entry does all that you want. 

2.YouCam MakeUp

About: Are you addicted to posting a beautiful selfie on Instagram on a daily basis, If yes then YouCam MakeUp is the best selfie apps in the list for you. It lets you put virtual makeup over your selfie to help you display the best self. It is but a makeover application with Smart Facial detection that helps you get the best and the smoothest selfies ever. It lets you try hundreds of makeup to get the best for you. It is undoubtedly a great application and is an absolute recommendation.


About: Retrica was among the most commonly used applications for making great selfies. It is still being used by many people and is an absolute delight for the people who use it. The simple design and easy to use options to apply some really great filters makes this application something worthwhile. This was one of the major reasons why people used it. It will help you create some really artistic images. In fact, if you want then you can simply turn the filter ON and take pictures. It can get you that retro feels that you want with your selfies. It is truly a great app and without an iota of doubt, I can say that it deserves to be on this list of best selfie apps.


About: Looking for a decent photo editor then VSCO could be your arsenal of choice. It is a great photo editor with a decent rating and has also been selected for the editor’s choice. VSCO lets you create both beautiful images as well as videos. Not only that it can help you connect with the community. With this, you can have a variety of presets and tools that can be used to create some exceptional images if you let your imagination free. The application is provided with up to 10 VSCO filters. Also, one can edit a picture based on multiple aspects like color, contrast, saturation, and a lot more. Trust me, I’ve started just started with the features but there are a lot more making this application the best selfie apps to use in 2020.


About: If I ask you how do you take selfies then you might say using the selfie camera. Although haven’t you ever felt that what if I could take selfies alone where both of my hands are visible alone. I mean I am being a little too specific but trust me this question has arisen in my head and I don’t even like taking selfies. Although, for all those who do like it, this application helps you take pictures handsfree by using a hand gesture. The application is capable of taking pictures from a maximum distance of 3 meters. Also, its different hand gestures can help you take a picture as well as record a video. Therefore, it may not be all but still what this app offer makes it a great entry in our list of best selfie apps.


About: Unlike some applications, Cymera has been developed for both the platforms. The platform has reached 300 million users all around the globe and is growing day by day. It is a powerful photo editing tool that gets you endless features. Features like photo effects, photo filters, stickers, cropping, instafit, blur effect, mirror effect, tattoo and a lot of other great effects. This one also has filters for special events like Christmas, New Year, and offers you multiple AR filters along with face filters and snappy stickers. It is a great application and deserves to be in our list of the best selfie apps.


About: The application has been developed to bring out the diva in you. It has got endless designer filters that one can use. The collection is over 2 billion. With this application, one can select from more than hundreds of masks, background, makeup designs, and other very creative designs. The application has been integrated with AI technology and does its job very well. It also comes with some really other great features like Blur, Video backgrounds, AI-powered etc with a limitless expression of freedom to create something of your own. If not the best then it is something that can easily be quoted in our list of best selfie apps.


About: PhotoEditor is a light-weighted yet powerful tool to use if you want exceptional results for your app. If you are a photographer then there would be a lot that you can do using this application. This app would let you edit photos just like you would on a PC. There are endless features in the application like Color, Effects, Curves, Corrections, and much more. It also allows you to save images in multiple formats like JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, WebP, and PDF. This is another great one that deserves an entry in the best selfie apps.

9.A Color Story

About: The application has already been quoted as “App of the day” and “Best New App”. The application has already been downloaded by almost 12 million people and counting. It is a photo editor that will come in handy for anyone who loves selfies and photography. With this app, one can get access to over 300 great filters to enhance your images. Around 100 movable effects with 20 advanced tools. One can also purchase the subscription to have access to more features of this application. It is truly one of the best selfie apps that can be used by anyone in 2020.

10.Facetune 2

About: The previous version of this application was also very popular. Although with Facetune 2, the application has become twice the better. It is a great application for all the selfie lovers. The application will let you take amazing selfies and then edit it in accordance with the image. The previous version of this application was award winning and this one has been made on the same template. It will help you get a more Hollywood look with images that look natural. Within a few swipes this application lets you clear the acne marks, blemishes, whiten teeth, contour face, apply make-up etc. It comes with multiple categories of features like Smooth Skin, Artistic Tools, Shiny Eyes & Bright Smiles, Professional Tools etc. This despite being the second iteration is entirely a dependable application and can be easily considered in our list of best selfie apps.

11.Camera+ 2

About: Camera+2 is an application that I can personally recommend to you. The reason is simple, It gets you the manual mode. It simply means that whether you are a seasoned photographer or simply a noob, this application can still get you manual controls to have more control over your picture. One can start learning a thing or two about taking great pictures and selfies using this application. It gets you all those controls be it exposure, ISO control, Temperature Control, Shutter Speed etc. It is a great application that can help you take smartphone images that look like they were taken from a DSLR in some cases. Therefore, we have mentioned this application in the list of best selfie apps.


About: Snapchat is famous for being a social media website. The idea behind the application is simple. The sender is allowed to Snapchat to the list of friends using their Id and send a post which will be deleted within a few seconds. People who are using Snapchat often use this application to share their personal stories with their friends. Since the majority of content shared on this app are images and most of them are selfies, therefore, the application has some of the most elaborate photo editing features that any application can have. This application may have been mentioned at the last but it can surely get you some really interesting selfies. This is the reason this application has been mentioned in the list of best selfie apps that can be used in the year 2020.

So these were some of the best selfie apps to use in 2020. If you are a selfie lover then all of these applications can help you embrace your true artist. In case, if you have been looking for an app development company then maybe we can help you. To send us an enquiry mail us at [email protected]. We have also written an article on Top Money making Apps then click on the link here. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading this article until the end.

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