Well, who doesn’t crave for great food? And, getting your favorite at any time of the hour was a little difficult previously. But now, if we talk about this then there are endless online food delivery services. All of these services can get you food from some of the best cuisines. Also, if you are someone who is living in a European country then this article is definitely for you(especially if you are confused about choosing your service). In this article, we have tried to mention all the top food delivery apps in Europe. Therefore, in order to know them read down the article below.


About: Zomato is among the top contenders in the game of online food delivery. The service started from India and spread its roots all around the globe including Europe. The service was started by the duo Deepender Goyal and Pankaj Chaddha. The service started in the year 2008 and has been going and growing strong since then. With Zomato, one can order any kind of food they want to eat. The service lets you connect with all the best restaurants around and gets you your favorite dish from the comfort of your home. It is a great service and deserves to be on the list of top food delivery apps in India.


About: Started by Uber which was initially an online cab booking service, UberEats have reached great heights in such a short period of time. Just like Zomato, it gets you all your favourite food right at your doorstep with minimal delivery charges. It is another really great service that lets you choose from the buffet of dishes from multiple restaurants. UberEats also gets you great offers just like Zomato. It would be unfair not to mention it in our list of top food delivery apps in Europe.


About: Deliveroo is an application that is being used in abundance in Europe. It started in the year 2013 by Will Shu. The delivery of operation for this service includes up to 200 cities. The order for this service can be placed using both the application and the website. It offers a variety of food with different categories like Healthy, Poke, Dessert, Bagels, Sandwiches, Sushi, Pizza etc. This one also offers multiple dietary options for the user. It is a great service and deserves to be on our list of top food delivery apps in Europe.


About: GrubHub is already a big name in the industry of online food delivery service and hence this one is mentioned in our list of top food delivery apps in Europe. There are always multiple offers that are running on the website. With Grubhub, you can select dishes from their exquisite menu and straight away get your delivery at the doorstep. It is one of the finest services operating in Europe. Also, if you are someone new then with GrubHub, you may not have to worry about your food cravings.


About: It would be bad judgement if Domino’s isn’t mentioned in this list of top food delivery apps in Europe. Although Pizza is an Italian dish, the American multinational company popularised it around the globe including my country India. They have their own take on the crust which can be customised as per your likeness. Also, the service has been going strong all around the globe and if you are not looking for something specific then this can get your their classic pizzas. This application is truly worthy to be in this list considering its long history(it was established in the year 1960).


About: JustEat is a London based service which is also operating multiple other cities in Europe. Apart from this service is also operating in some parts of Asia, Oceania, Americas. With this service, you can order whatever you feel like. This one just like the other services mentioned in our list of top food delivery apps in Europe gets the customers, some of the best offers for food. Also, just like any other service lets you enjoy your food at home with exceptional service.


About: Caterwings in another London based service that can be used by you to fulfil your cravings. They try to get you the best quality of food in collaboration with over 250+ vendors they have. Although, the service is being prominently being used in the UK. They also provide catering for office lunch, events, breakfast, and much more. Also currently, they are running a discount of 15% off if you are ordering food for signup. Ordering with Caterwings is very simple. The user just has to fill in the details, select the food, pay, and then get it delivered. It is another great service though in a particular vicinity but still deserves to be in the list of top food delivery apps in Europe.


About: Eat64 is the subsidiary of GrubHub which is already a reputed service. Eat24 is available as both an application and a service. Using Eat24 puts you directly in front of such a great catalogue of dishes that can be delivered just by using a finger. Even if you wish to order something new or just repeat your old order, Eat24 is a great way of doing so. The service is prominently used in the U.S but it also works great in some parts of Europe. Considering the reputation it has, this one deserves to be in the list of top food delivery apps in India.

9.Butternut Box

About: This one might come as a surprise to you just in case if you don’t know about Butternut Box. This service is not meant for you but your pet. Well, this was such a unique idea that I had to place it on this list of top food delivery apps in European. Well, Europeans are pet lovers and like we deserve the best meals, it is also important that we feed our pets well. This service makes you capable of ordering food for your pet from the comfort of your couch. The meals are sent to the customer in three formats which are Dish Out, Serve Up, and Chow Down. This one is truly a unique idea and they work quite efficiently. It would have been great if this service operated in my country and offered food for cats too(#myCat).


About: Gousto quotes three different reasons why one can go for them which are Quality, Simplicity, and Variety. This is one service that allows you to prepare your own meals from scratch. Gousto can take you on a journey of 40+ exquisite dishes for your palette. All of these dishes are prepared using precise ingredients. A box of Gousto is packed with all the ingredients one can use to reinvent the dishes all at your home. The service has been reviewed by many big media companies and have received positive feedback from their side. The companies that I am talking are Buzzfeed, the Sunday Telegraph, Independent, Now etc. This service is truly one of a kind and truly deserves to be on the list of top food delivery apps in Europe.

11.Mindful Chef

About: Mindful Chef is another service that gets you ingredients to your favorite dishes in time. This one is a Recipe Box that gets you everything fresh straight from the farm. This service also saves you from the hassle of deciding the dish to prepare. Also, the quality of ingredients that are delivered to you is top-notch. This service lets you choose from a total of 16 dishes for a week. Mindful Chef is a great service and deserves to be on our list of top food delivery apps in Europe.

12.Blue Apron

About: Blue Apron is among the top meal delivery services that operate in Europe. The concept has been adapted really well by the organisation. This one lets you choose a balanced Mediterranean meal. The ingredients for the customers are highly curated and the quality delivered is great. In order to recreate the magic, all the user has to do is open the box and follow the instructions. All of these dishes are created by great chefs and the portion provided are balanced enough so that you don’t make the mistake of adding more. It is another really great service and deserves to be on our list of top food delivery apps in Europe.


About: Well, I know and understand that packed food is not one of the most nutritious or healthy food. Although, whenever it is snack time, the one thing that comes to mind is the packed food. goPuff is not an online food delivery application like the others mentioned in the list. Although, this one is something that can deliver you your favorite snacks by incurring a minimum delivery fee. It may not be your quintessential service but still deserves to be on our list of top food delivery apps in India.


About: The service named after one of the most expensive comfort food is something in itself. This is an all-in-one online food delivery service that gets you exactly what you want. It also gets the opportunity for many people to increase their reach to more customers. They have some of the best recipes for you to try and Caviar also provides catering for businesses. This is another entry that needs to be addressed in our list of top food delivery apps in Europe.


About: If you crave for food that has been made freshly available to you from the farms then Farmhouse is your go to service. This one identical to few is a meal kit service. Also, they provide you with a variety of different boxes with ingredients for different dishes. The great thing is that all of this that would be delivered to you just at the raise of your finger. This may be the last one but is an exquisite service to try and therefore has been mentioned in our list of top food delivery apps in Europe.

So this was our list of some of the top delivery apps in Europe. If you are looking for an app development company to create you an app like that then maybe we can help. In order to send us an enquiry mail us at [email protected]. We have also written an article on top food delivery apps in India, therefore, to reach it click on the link provided. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.

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