Why to choose MEAN Stack and hiring Mean Stack Development company for your next web project


In traditional web development, programmers used different technologies to design and code applications. Popular front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript are used to design the user interface and for backend ASP.NET, Java, Python, PHP, etc. come into play. This usually increases the overall development cost as organizations have to hire professionals from different domains to get the job done. But now with the advent of MEAN Stack technologies, the web development process is more straightforward now. Using MEAN Stack, web developers can use JavaScript for both frontend and backend development which reduce development costs and time. .Thus, hiring MEAN Stack development companies is on the rise by startups and even big industry players. We also recommend you to pick MEAN Stack for your next web project.

MEAN is the acronym for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js. All of these are JavaScript frameworks which developers use, right from developing a dynamic user interface, design a web framework, runtime environment, and scalable databases suitable for complex modern day apps. What makes this stack economical and best for agile development is that there are no different technologies involved. Web programmers can use JavaScript to do both front-end and back-end development.

We at Agicent are now including MEAN Stack to our web development strategy because of its numerous features. Our web development team includes expert AngularJS, NodeJS, and other MEAN stack experts who can provide innovative and efficient business solutions to you at affordable rates. In our recent projects, we have used AngularJS and Node.js to develop hybrid mobile and web applications.

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Let’s now see why you should choose MEAN Stack for your next web project and hire Agicent as your MEAN development company:

1. Open Source:

All technologies in Mean stack framework are totally free and open source which means smaller organizations don’t have to buy paid technologies to build your website which means you can afford the overall development cost.

2. NoSQL:

MongoDB stack allows developers to structure data with little to no relation in a flexible and simple manner. Due to this feature, data retrieval is usually fast which automatically improves the performance of the website.

3. Easy code sharing:

Node Package Manager allows developers to easily share their code with others. There are several Node modules available which web developers can integrate into their projects and make their websites perform additional functionalities without writing much code. NPM also serves a good code sharing platform for developers.

4. Better Performance:

Node.js works on an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model which makes it easy to deploy and lighter than old back-end programming languages. Basically, Node.js is a runtime environment which allows developers to use JS to write the application logic. The main reason to choose Node.js over other technologies is that it can handle huge traffic without utilizing much server resources.

AngularJS is also one of the main components in MEAN Stack technology which help web developers to build dynamic web pages and allow them to focus on implementing the functionalities rather than writing boilerplate code to manipulate DOM. On top of all MEAN stack web apps are backed by a highly flexible and scalable MongoDB database system which makes structuring complex data an easy task. And, let’s not forget Express.js – a simple and minimal web framework for Node.js to build RESTful APIs. All of these technologies make a MEAN Stack website fast, responsive, and easier to scale.

5. Single Page Applications:

Single Page Applications are websites which first load a single HTML page first and then dynamically update the webpage based on user’s interaction. MEAN stack is best when it comes to developing SPAs as it uses AngularJS for front-end which is based on MVVM (Model View- View Model) model. In simpler terms, AngularJS can dynamically change the user interface when the data model of the application changes and vice versa. Therefore, if you aim to develop an SPA like Gmail, then MEAN Stack is definitely the best option.

6. Security:

MEAN Stack framework enables developers to design a secure web architecture for websites which can generate a huge volume of traffic. We ourselves keep security on top of our priority list while developing websites and mobile apps and believe us our MEAN Stack developers can build secure APIs by avoiding most common pitfalls that everyone in the industry forgets to address.

7. Our services as a MEAN Stack development company:

When it comes to web development, we can work on a wide array of technologies as per client demands. Until now we have been using ASP.NET, PHP, HTML, PHP, Python, etc., but now gradually we are also moving forward to become a full-fledged MEAN Stack company. Our MEAN Stack developers have successfully developed some cool web apps in the past and are currently working on some big project which will be valuable additions to our portfolio. You can hire our full-time MEAN Stack to avail the following services at an affordable fixed price or hourly basis:

– AngularJS Web development.

– Node.js development.

– Express.js development.

– RESTful API development.

– Migration to MEAN Stack.

– MongoDB development and solutions.

We agree to the fact that latest MEAN Stack framework is a great fit for developing modern day complex applications which rely heavily on live data and analytical services. But MEAN Stack doesn’t make other web technologies obsolete as it depends on the project requirements to decide which framework should be used to achieve maximum performance and user experience.

With this, we conclude our discussion. We hope that it will help you understand why you should pick MEAN Stack and hire MEAN Stack development company for your next web project.

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