Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store are the main distribution centres for developers to showcase their apps to billions of users. After developing and testing the app, the only simple step left to meet your real users is publishing the app in the marketplace. Whether you are trying to publish an Android app or an iOS app, there is no instant approval process.

Both tech giants review the submitted apps against their set of policies to see if your app is a fit or not. Given the fact that Apple is stricter in the approval process, most developers wonder how long does it take to get an app into the App Store. Therefore, we choose to cover this topic with our expertise to help app developers and publishers to go through the process smoothly and publish their app successfully.

That being said, let’s begin our discussion. 

Top Reasons Why your App Got Rejected on Apple’s App Store

Top Reasons Why your App got Rejected on Apple's App Store
  • Bugs and Errors: UnlikeGoogle Play Store, Apple’s App Store is a little uptight when it comes to quality for its app store. If your application is crashing or has bugs then it is highly likely for Apple to not accept it. 
    Make sure you make your app free of bugs and errors. Learn more about google play store statistics.
  • Performance Issues: If your application is laggy, choppy, or just downright bad in terms of experience then Apple won’t accept it.
  • Broken Links: Apple has mentioned this quite explicitly that they will not accept any app with broken links. Therefore, no broken links within the app and all the links should be functional. In the case, of kids app, there should be a link to the privacy policy. A link to user support with updated contact information is required.
  • No placeholder content: What if someone tells you the way to your destination but by mid-way, you see a dead-end. Well, this is the reason Apple is frustrated with applications that have Placeholder Content.
  • Incomplete information: If you have a login module in your app then you need to provide a demo account for that. Also while submitting your app keep in mind that you enter all details and updated contact information. If your app requires a specific ecosystem or hardware components to function, then you have to provide all those resources
  • Inaccurate Descriptions: For this, you need to be true with your words. App Descriptions and Screenshots must convey your App’s functionality. Also, avoid unnecessary keyword stuffing in the description.
  • Misleading Users: What if you paid for apples but instead got oranges, your app should work
    as advertised.
  • Bad UI Design: The things that can hurt you the most is a bad UI Design. Although, more than you, Apple’s App Store is touchy about it. Therefore, follow Apple’s design guides and UI design Do’s and Don’ts this will help you save yourself from falling in the Pit.
  • Advertisements: If your app uses IFDA ( Identifier For Advertisers on iPhones) and doesn’t use this functionality to display ads properly then your app may get rejected. Conversely, if your app displays ads and doesn’t use IFDA then it will be put into the ‘Invalid binary’
  • Web Clippings and Content Aggregators – If you are submitting a hybrid app, then make sure the web views are optimized to match the native Apple device specs.
  • Similar Applications: Apple App Store by no means is looking forward to populated its store with Similar Applications. Therefore, repeated submission of similar apps might lead to rejection.
  • Niche: AppleApp Store focuses more on applications that it’s user’s might like. It may not seem fair but If your app targets a smaller niche
    then it may not get approved.


Things to Follow if your App Gets Rejected on Apple App Store


Assess mistake Meme
  • Assess the Rejection: Nothing in this world happens without a reason. If your application has been rejected then there ought to be a reason for that. Get to the bottom of the matter and fix it.
  • Look For Experiences: In case if you are unable to figure out then go on the internet, you are not alone. With the insight of other people who got their apps rejected in the first place but then got accepted, you may know what needs to be done.

  • Ask For Apple’s Assessment: Apple is not afraid to fix its own mistakes. There are plenty of examples over the internet where people’s apps were rejected. Although once asked for an assessment, they were accepted without any issue. You might get a reason for a rejection or it will be accepted right away.

  • In-App Purchases: Apple strictly wants all the in-app purchases to be catered by its own payment gateway. In case, if your application is failing to do so make sure you fix it on time.

  • Encryption: In case if your application is using encryptions that Apple does not support then it may lead to rejection.

  • Validation of Features: There are apps that start with an honest approach but the users use them for their own malicious activity. Apple sometimes wants to know whether you are capable of taking any action against them. For that, you may have to send them your backend credentials and functionality support. Also, you can make a video of it and send that to apple for features.

Pro Tip: Be polite, a lot of people lose their cool and become offensive or aggressive in such cases Apple becomes unresponsive. We as an App creator, entrepreneur, or businessman needs to understand that they cater thousands of request on a daily basis. Therefore, if you’ll start with a good vibe that is what you will receive otherwise they don’t mind keeping you on mute.


Time Taken by Apple App Store to Accept Your App

App Acceptance meme

Apple review every submitted app by publishers against its App Review guidelines that mainly focus on the design, content, and functionality of your app. So in order to get your app published as quickly as possible make sure your app follow the review guidelines. Apple says that this app review process is necessary to keep its App Store free from clutter and enrich user experience.

Submitting an iOS app to publish on the App Store can take at most 2 days and longer which depends on your app. On average 50% apps are reviewed in 24 hours and over 90% apps are reviewed in 48 hours. Once you have submitted your app, you can see its status in My app section of iTunes. If you have a critical timing issue then you can request an expedited review.

If your app gets rejected, then in most cases, Apple’s Resolution Center provide the specific reason for it. Otherwise, you have to ask them modestly about the issue. The best way to avoid rejection is to review your app yourself whether it follows all guidelines or not.

Avoid these common pitfalls while developing your app and you are good to go. We hope that this informational post will help you understand the purpose of Apple’s app review and how long does it take to take an app into the app store. If you are having trouble while submitting your app to App Store, then send your queries at [email protected]. We will be happy to assist you and get your app published as soon as possible.

Also, feel free to share your app submission stories with our readers in the comments section below.


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1 – How long does it take for Apple to approve an app?

The process of getting an app approved can take anywhere from a few days to several months. If you submit your app for review on time, it will usually be approved within 24 hours. However, this is not always the case and sometimes the approval process takes longer than expected.

2 – What is the average rejection rate for a new app submitted to the App Store?

The rejection rate for new apps submitted to the App Store is very low. The most common reason for rejection is that your app does not meet the guidelines of Apple’s review process. However, there are many other reasons why an app might be rejected including inappropriate content or usage, poor quality, and other issues.


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