What Makes an App Development Company Stand Out from the Crowd?

Finding a good company to develop mobile app for your business is not really easy. If you don’t choose the right developer company, then not only you kill a lot of productive time, but even the effectiveness and purpose of your app can get faded, thereby leading to frustration and losses.

Many businesses tend to hire the first mobile developers they come across, and are ultimately not satisfied with the end result or they hire the cheapest one and results ain’t different either. When you put out an ad soliciting developer quotes, you might typically get the sales pitch from a dozen or more companies. However, there are certain indications that can help you find the right mobile apps development company for your business needs.

Do they specialize in what exactly you need? 

The first sign, which tells you that the firm is a good one, is when they are honest and direct about their skills and abilities. They will need to tell you upfront about their experience and about what kind of apps they make. Some companies are better are making games, others at business apps.

If there is a company says that they can make any kind of app on any platform with any programming language, they are probably not telling you the truth. To have that ability, they will need to have a team of at least 500 employees. Therefore, it is important for you to find the development company that can offer the most suitable services, specifically as per your needs.

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Which Platform – iOS and Android or both?

Apple or iOS products and the Android smartphones are the highest selling mobile devices. You will want a company that can develop an app from scratch simultaneously for both iOS and Android. There are two ways to develop them.

Find out whether they:

  • Use cross platform tools to make and deploy the same app on both platforms
  • Or make two different apps for Android and iOS, which means native apps.

Although cross-platform might sound like a convenient choice, a good developer shall definitely recommend you to go for the native apps, one for each platform. It is because the native apps are of better quality, high performing, and more scalable than cross-platform apps.

The first method yields faster results, but it is recommended only if your app is merely a front-end face for your online service. If your app requires complex computing and advanced features, then you will want to go for separate native apps that are optimized for their respective operating systems.

If the app developers make you aware of this, it means they are willing to choose the best methods for your requirements.

How extensive are the testing methods adopted by them?

Another very important marker of good app development companies is their testing methods. The very best companies will have a huge array of devices to test your apps. Not all Android phones are made the same, and they vary wildly in performance. Their prices also vary from $30 phones to $800 in the market. If you want your app to be successful at its intended goal, make sure that the company tests your devices on:

  • High end devices with the latest hardware
  • Previous generation mobile phones, dating at least 2 years back
  • Entry level smartphones

Many development shops have hundreds of devices in their labs to test apps and mobile websites on all of them. Such a thorough approach will ensure that your app reaches a maximum possible audience, giving you a better chance of success.

Asking the right questions 

Mobile app development requires a lot of details to be provided by clients, each piece of UI is critical because of scarcity of screen space and mobility factor. If an app developer asks you a lot of questions about how you want your app to work, it’s a sign that they want to do the best for you. As they ask you questions regularly, you will see how they develop your mobile app step by step.

These are the types of companies that will strive to get even the smallest details about your mobile app right. Fortunately, all the information you need to know about an app development firm can be found out with a ‘few minutes’ conversation. You just need to ask the right questions.

IPR and Copyrights

Clients who need a mobile app for their business, but whose work is primarily non-technical, often get confused with the laws related to software IP. You need to be aware that when a company makes an app for you, they may retain the copyright to its design and code.

An open and honest development company will be upfront about it. Some web development companies, usually retain the rights to the design, but are ready to turn over the IP to your business for a fee.

However, when it comes to mobile apps, you will need to make sure that the design, template and content of the app are your property.

When they deliver your app, you should also be handed over the complete codebase and associated IP assets including images, color schemes and other forms of content that are unique to your app. Most app development companies today do transfer those rights to you, but you need to be thorough about it, just in case.


Another very important aspect of good app making firms is that they support the mobile apps that they developed for you.

This means that they:

  • Provide you with thorough documentation about the app
  • Are responsive to your emails, about problems that may crop up with the app
  • Make sure the app works well on newer mobile devices, as they are released every few months
  • Keep track of potential security problems and update your app to patch bugs whenever needed
  • Help you train your employees understand the administration of app better

All of this work requires expertise, and takes a lot of man hours to do. This is why the companies that make good apps tend to charge better for their services. The return on investment is greater however, so you shouldn’t be worried about greater expenses, unless they are far out of your budget.

You might realize that choosing good Mobile app development companies takes a lot of time, knowledge and dilligence, but the payoff is well worth it. On the other hand, the results for not doing adequate research and hiring an inferior developer is going to be a poorly functioning app or a frustrating experience, which basically does more damage than just a project. So take time, choose wisely, and enjoy the journey.

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