Apple is infamously known to reject apps based on non-compliance and this is a major one. Therefore, if you wish to know how to convert individual Apple Developer Account to Company Account then go ahead and read the article below.

Note: If you are the sole owner of the application then only you can register as an individual.

  • Also, your organisation needs to be registered as a corporation, legal liability company or legal entity.

Benefits of having an Organisation Account

The first benefit of this requirement has been told before. Your application will be accepted without any issue if your application is compliant with other terms and conditions. Although, there are some additional benefits that we have mentioned below:

  • It allows you to invite other developers on board and help you improve your app experience and features.
  • It allows you to choose your own name which can also be the dev name. Also, the same name will serve as your business name.
  • Apple will allow you to use that particular name as your brand which can be great for you in terms of marketing.


Steps to Convert Individual Apple Developer Account to Company Account

Below are the steps that can be used by you to get a company account. Therefore read them down below.

  • Open the Apple Developer’s Program by reaching the Contact Us page.
  • Now enter your Apple ID and Password.
  • Select the Region.
  • Choose the option of Account Updates and Renewal.
  • Now you enter some basic information that needs to be entered along with a message.


P.S: The message can be like,” I want to convert my individual account to an Organisation Account. The account will be used as our Organisation Account.

Information that Needs to be Entered for Conversion

  • CEO/Director Name: Your First and Last Name.
  • Company Name: Your Company Name, including the type of company you are.
  • Account Type: Organization.
  • D-U-N-S Number: Company’s DUNS number.
  • Address: Company’s Legal Address.
  • Phone Number: Contact Information


Aspects important for Apple’s Developer Program

  • Status: It is essential that your organisation is identified as a legal identity. The legal name that will be provided by you will be used as your app developer’s name that will be further used for distribution.
  • Binding Authority: You should have the legal authority to bind with the terms and conditions of Apple. You could be a senior or have legal permission from someone that stature.
  • D-U-N-S Number: It basically stands for Data Universal Number System. This number is used to identify your business.
  • Website: It is essential that you create a public website that is registered under your companies name.


Although, if you wish to know about Apple’s App Store compliance then they have provided all the information on their guidelines page. To reach the guidelines, click on the link here.

So this was how one can convert individual Apple developer account to company account. It is necessary that we make do with these things especially if you want your application to reach the maximum number of people. Apple Store is one among the biggest app stores that exist in the world with a huge chunk of downloaders. In case, if you are looking for an app development company for iOS development then maybe we can help. In order to send us an enquiry mail us at [email protected]. We have also written an article over Top International Calling Apps, therefore, in order to reach the article, click on the link here. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.



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