Well, you might have stumbled upon this article because you were finding some cheaper ways to call your peers or wished to connect with clients. Although, all of us understand that making international are very expensive. There are plenty of free as well as paid options with minimal rates that can help you connect. These applications not only offers you HD quality calling but also support sending other media too. Therefore, if you wish to know about some of the top international calling apps then read down the article below.

1.Google Voice

About: Google Voice is the most well-recognised service that is available for international callings. Undoubtedly, this one could be quoted as the top international calling apps. In this number, the user is provided with a voice number that can be used to place calls using the internet. The application offers simple navigation and voicemail transcription. It allows you to take control of all the applications and lets you decide who can reach you and who can not. It is a great application and everyone must use this.


About: Whatsapp previously an independent application is now a part of Facebook. Whatsapp is the most common messaging service that can be found in almost everyone’s phone. It is being used by millions of people on a daily basis and it the epitome of messaging. Although with Whatsapp, one can also make voice calls even internationally that too for completely free. The service uses your number and connects you to your peers or anyone you wish to connect with. It is by far one of the best services that have surfaced in years and deserves the right to be in the list of top international calling apps.


About: Just like most Android users take the benefit of Whatsapp, the users on iOS use Facetime. The service initially launched in the year 2010. The application can also be used in the Macintosh systems. A Macintosh system generally comes with Facetime Camera and Facetime Audio. If you are thinking of placing international calls then this one can be a great choice for all the iOS as well as Mac Users. It has a huge number of users and the ease it provides makes it a suitable candidate in the list of top international calling apps.


About: Another Video, Audio, and Text based application that can be used by any Android or iOS user. The application lets you connect with your family and peers for completely free. Just like most applications in the list this one also uses the internet to connect. The application gets you high-quality calls, free and unlimited messages/video/audio calls, Group calls, and much more. It is a great application and can be easily placed in the list of top international calling apps.


About: PingMe is a legit international calling application. The service uses top of the line cloud technology to leverage end to end calls. With this service installed, the user can call to a mobile number, landline phone number. Also, this allows you to send a text to the same devices. PingMe is supported in almost 200 countries which means you can with anyone with minimal call rates. Not only calling but it will also let you receive international, therefore, it is mandatory to keep this one in our list of top international calling apps.


About: Before you read about this one, it is essential for you to know that the service might end on Feb 2020. Although, since this article is about top international calling apps, therefore, it is mandatory for us that we mention it. With this app, the user can create a group of up to 50 people. The app can also be used on five different devices at the same time with the same id. It supports all kinds of devices and works using any kind of network. It is one of the best and therefore deserves to be on this list.


About: Skype is one of the most common services that are being used for connecting with people internationally. The service is known mostly for the video calling services it provides. Although, with this one can directly connect with your prospective clients. Also, the service is completely free. The only requirement would be that the user and the recipient have Skype installed on their system. Skype also updates itself with features from time to time, therefore, it is truly one of the top international calling apps.


About: If you need to call consistently then Rebtel is the best service for international calling. This one makes your calling simple, reliable, and more accessible using your smartphone/laptop/desktop. It is super easy to use. All the user has to do is install it on their smartphone and get a monthly subscription to the different countries the service is available. The service is available in multiple countries and you can choose your preferred country categorically by selecting the alphabet. It is a great service and therefore we have mentioned it in our list of top international calling apps.


About: Nobelapp is another service that is identical to Rebtel. Although, this one comes with their benefits. The service is available in 20 countries and provides international calling at cheap rates. It is very easy to use, all you have to do is make your free account. The service is capable of calling to almost 300 mobile networks. They are licensed by US Regulatory authority. They are no hidden fees and they upfront ask you for all the money that you are payable for. It is a great service and can be easily kept in the list of top international calling apps.


About: Voxofon offers you international calling at an unbelievable price of 1 US cent. The concept is similar to most of the calling app though. The user needs to buy calling credits which can be used. The service offers you HD calling quality and is compatible with almost every smartphone device. The application is available in both the Android and iOS store. It also allows you to share other different kinds of media like video, audio, images, memos etc. This one is another great entry in the list of our top international calling apps article.


About: Viber Messenger is one of the most popular services that are currently available. The service is being used by almost 1 billion users worldwide. The service is complete and is an adequate choice for connecting with your peers. It allows you to make free international calls using an internet connection you have. The service works on all kinds of networks and is in existence from a very long time. It is almost mandatory to keep Viber in the list of top international calling apps for all the good it serves.



About: It is another great application that can be used to talk for free around the globe. Using this application, you can talk, text, and share conversations with your peers and clients. With this, you can place calls with your real numbers using your smartphone. Name of the countries which are capable of getting a local number on the phone is US, Canada, Czech, Malaysia, Denmark, Romania, etc. It is one of the best services that are available in our list of top international calling apps.


About: Rather than a calling app, this one can be categorised more like a social media service. This one allows you to connect with friends all around the globe. And yes, the service can be used to make international calls by just using the internet connection. With WeChat, you can create a group of 500 people. The app can be used to place high-quality calls and is probably one of the best services in our list of top international calling apps. 


About: It is a free messaging service that can also be used to make international calls. With this service, one can easily make unlimited video and audio calls to their peers or if you can do then clients also. The application also allows the user to share media. They also great avatar that can be used by and your friends. There are so many stickers that one can use to improve the conversations and make them more interesting. 


About: The final application in our list that can help you place call without using any cell minutes. Just like most app, you have to pay a minimum tariff in order to connect with a client or friend who is living outside the country. The application can save you up to 90% call tariff that you usually pay. Also, the call quality from this application is pretty great. Therefore, we mentioned it in the list of top international calling apps.

So these were some of the top international calling apps that can be used by you. These apps can come in really handy in times especially considering the tariff you might have to pay if you are calling normally. In case, if you are looking for an app development company then maybe we can help. To send us an enquiry mail us at [email protected]. We have also written an article on the topic of Top Home Workout Apps. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.

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