Who doesn’t like to play games? Well, although a lot of people fail to understand the importance of playing them. Most of the games that we play improve our cognitive skills. Although, this time we are specifically talking about games that will improve your brain capabilities. There are so many great games that can be played to improve your focus, concentration, and enhance your logical skills. Therefore, in case if you are willing to know about some of the top brain training games then read down the article below.

1.Angry Birds

About: I understand that this one feels a little odd at the beginning of our list of top brain training games. Although, it was one of the best physics-based games of its time. Angry Birds has been offered by Rovio and they are behind so many variants this game has got in a couple of years. 

The game is based on the concept of projectile motion. Here you have to sling birds in order to destroy the pigs(who are the enemies). The objective is to kill all of them and garner as many points as possible. It is a great game and is quite engaging.


About: VOI is a great game that is based on Tangram Puzzles. Tangram is dissected puzzles of seven dissected shapes that can be used to form a pattern. This has also logical based games for which you need to change your mathematics a little. 

The games offer almost 88 challenging levels and are supported in 11 different languages. The game has already been nominated for indie prize in the year 2017, therefore, it deserves to be in the list of top brain training games. It may be old but the gameplay is quite engaging.

3.Brain Dots

About: Without Brain Dots, this list of top brain training games would have been incomplete for me. I played this game a couple of years back but it is still relevant as it takes creativity to the next level. The basic idea is to two dots of blue and pink color together. 

You will be provided with a different type of pens that can be used to create structures using which you have to bump those two dots. The difficulty of this increases with each level and you’ll be completely immersed in the game. It is one of the best games that I can personally recommend.

4.That Level Again 

About: This Level Again is a pretty unique game that I must recommend you to try at least once. The game became has over 3 more iterations. Although, it is essential that we talk about the first to gain some perspective. That Level Again offers you a single level but the puzzle that is needed to clear it is different every time. There are about 80 levels with 80 unique solutions to win the game. It is one of the top brain training games that needs to be played by everyone considering its concept.

5.Math | Riddles and Puzzles Math Games

About: The game is ideal for both adults and kids. Math is a great game that uses your concepts of physics to solve puzzles. With each level, you get different mathematical games. The puzzles are hidden in mathematical shapes that need to be solved by you. There can be interesting equations and you might have to find answers to them. This is will not only be a great class for you but for your kids as well. It is one of the top brain training games that one can download and play. This game without any doubt will help you train and nurture your brain.


About: The application allows challenges you to use both your creative as well as the logical side. In a world full of chaos, there are shapes that are there to restore everything. This will challenge you to create a holistic image from a fragmented reality. The game offers a soothing and relaxing environment with a great soundtrack in the background that will set the mood just right. It is a great game that can be used to destress after a long day of work, therefore, it has been mentioned in our list of top brain training games. 


About: It is another melodious game that tests your sense of rhythm and cognitive skills. There will be different beats through which you need to tap. The game will offer you different constellation. It strictly needs headphones for the best and more immersive experience. Whenever you tap a new beat, you get a new beat as well as constellation. It features hundreds of new levels and with each level, you get a new constellation as promised previously. It is one of the best in the entry and deserves a spot in the list of top brain training games.

8.I Love Hue

About: Well colors is a gift from God for all those who have been blessed with the sense of sight. The game will immerse in its tranquility. It is a game that challenges your perception and your sense of color. Here you will be provided with a grid of different colors and you have to place all the colors at the right place. It is a unique concept and its austerity for the right color sense makes it a great entry on our list of top brain training games.

9.Brain Training

About: Brain Trainer basically focuses on five major aspects of your brain i.e. memory, concentration, speed, focus, and accuracy. The game gets you through different brain training exercises, actually fifteen. Some of these exercises are as follows: Multitasking, Math, Brain Focus, Quick Search, Quick Decision, Grid memory etc. It is a great application which feels more like a game. It is bound to improve you, all you have to do is use it from 5 to 10 mins daily. It is one of the best that is featured in our list of top brain training games and one should actually try this.

10.Infinity Loop

About: It is one of the most trending games in its segment. Infinity Loop is endless fun and reprises difficulty as you progress. This one is a puzzle game that is based on forming intricate patterns. It is a great game that comes with zen mode. Although, this game aims to clear the stress out and give you a relaxing experience. In this game, the player will be provided with a chaotic pattern which needs to be formed into loops. This will be done by rotating the pieces that are provided. It is a great game for training the brain and therefore makes our list of top brain training games. 

11.Bridge Construction Simulator

About: Have you ever constructed a bridge before, if not then here is your chance to make one. It is a puzzle-based game where you have to improvise and complete the tasks at hand. In this game, you will be designing elaborate bridges at different places and in different locations. The game seems easy at the beginning but once you will be asked to construct bridges in the mountains and by the river then it will become trickier. You have to use your skills and master the skills of making a bridge. It is another great entry and deserves a spot in our top brain training games.


About: Cubway can surely be quoted as a unique one. This one offers unique visuals as well as unique gameplay. Also, you get background scores at the back. It is a great entry if you wish to work upon your cognitive skills. In the game, you will be visiting a variety of dangers and difficulty. The game has been picked in the indie category in over 12 countries. Also, it was the editor’s choice in the apple store in over 96 countries. Here you will be facing different obstacles and trust me, it is something you may never have played. Therefore, we placed this game in the list of top brain training games.

13.SkillZ – Logic Brain Games

About: Skillz is a fun memory game that will exercise your brain and help you nurture its full potential. This game will surely help you improve your memory, speed, better accuracy, differentiate colors, and a lot more. It is great because while you are playing a game, you are also improving your skills. It is a skills based game and also tests your reflexes. This one helps improve certain aspects of your brain like memory, reflexes, accuracy, touch ability, speed, and color coordination. With each, you will be tested more and more. Also, the player will be provided with ranking from 1 to 5 stars. The game can be played with 2 players and maximum up to 4. It is a great one, therefore, we have placed it with top brain training games. 

14.Lines – Physics Drawing

About: Lines is a new type of physics drawing puzzle that will surely challenge you. There are over 500+ levels on which your smartness is going to be tested. In this game, there is a labyrinth of lines that will be flushed with colors, the player’s objective would be to fill all the lines. This is a great experience that will let your mind flow free and will remove stress from you. There are multiple modes and features to unlock in this game. It is a unique game and everyone should try this once. It is also essential for us to mention it in the list of top brain training games.

15.Mr.Bullet: Spy Puzzles

About: Before  you download this game to play, I must tell you that there is a lot of blood that is displayed during the game. Therefore, I don’t feel it is ideal for small kids. Although, if you are a fan of spy movies and games. Also, you like to figure out how one thing can be achieved then this game is for you. Mr.Bullet is a spy and his aim is to take down his enemies. In the game, you have to figure out ways to kill the enemy while the number of bullets will be limited and all the enemies will be placed at odd angles and position. This is an interesting concept and the moment I researched, I personally downloaded the game. It may be the last but worth an entry in our list of top brain training games.

So these were some of the top brain training games that one play in order to sharpen their brain. A lot of us struggle with establishing basic logic because we are tasked with similar things on a daily basis at our workplace. Playing games can be a great way of relaxing yourself while also training your brain at the same time. If you are on a lookout for an app development company then maybe we can help. In order to send us an enquiry mail us at [email protected]. We have also written our review on FB Meme creation app, therefore, to read it click on the link here. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.

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