MongoDB is an open-source document-oriented NoSQL database from 10Gen. Unlike conventional relation databases, it doesn’t store data in form of tables. Rather, all data is stored in a BSON file which makes it easier for developers to structure any form of data. Over the years, MongoDB has gained popularity as it helps developers to model complex data of modern day web and mobile applications in an efficient manner.

Giving an example of a blogging website database. Suppose, you want to store all blog posts, users, and other details, then in case of old RDBMS architectures, you would store all the details in multiple tables and then map their relationships. But, MongoDB simplifies it, instead of storing each detail in tables, you can encapsulate all complex data in a single object which means you can keep all complex data of an entity in a single object.

We at Agicent have dedicated MongoDB developers who can design, code, and deploy your web app using other Mean Stack technologies as well. So, we can deliver you an innovative and optimized business solution and that too on time using our fast development process.

Let’s now see why you should hire MongoDB development company for your next web project:

1. Flexible Data model:

In MongoDB, the data is stored in BSON (JSON-like document) file format. The document-based database model helps to structure data of any form. Also, it maps to the objects in the website code, making data access a piece of cake. Our MongoDB developers can structure your complex data in a simple form which is fast to retrieve using the latest MongoDB technology.

2. Search-friendly:

MongoDB allows developers to search by regular expressions, field, range queries, etc. MongoDB queries can even return user-defined JavaScript functions and specific fields of the document.

3. More set of features available:

As MongoDB offers more set of features than conventional RDBMS systems, it has now become the first choice of developers. Saving data as BSON gives you a better access and efficient serialization of the data. Other integrated features include – geospatial search, analytics and data visualization, graph processing, etc. With these set of integrated features, our avid MongoDB database developers can build CMS, real-time analysis, gaming apps, and any other sort of app based on your requirements.

4. Distributed database system:

Developers use MongoDB as the distributed database solution as it scales elastically. You can run it on data centers at the same geographical location or even across regions to achieve new levels of scalability and availability.

5. Facilitate fast development:

Fast changing business requirements won’t affect the deliverability of your web project if you choose MongoDB because of its flexible data model which is coupled with a dynamic schema which makes the development process a lot faster. It is one of the fastest database solutions to build website prototypes as it is schema-less, easy to deploy, and uses a JS-based query language.

6. Suitable for modern applications:

As modern applications need to store more complex form of data as compared to the old school websites, MongoDB is becoming the first choice of developers because of its simple data model and best of all you don’t need any relational database knowledge.

7. We provide a wide set of MongoDB development services:

You can hire our MongoDB developers to avail following services and of course custom solutions for your business:

– MongoDB customization and integration.

– Consulting services.

– MongoDB database designing.

– MongoDB migration and up-gradation.

– E-Commerce web and mobile application development.

So these were some main points which will insist you to pick MongoDB and hire a MongoDB development company for your next project. However, not all technologies are a perfect fit for every scenario, and thus you should see which one will work best in your case. If you need any help, you can reach us at [email protected] and we will solve all your queries related to which technology you should choose and whether MongoDB is the best fit or not.

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