Updated as on Sept 8, 2022. In today’s technology era, you can find an app for everything, meditation being no exception. Yes, it is a bit of unexplored area for the youth, but as said old is gold and gold can never be replaced. Same is the case with meditation. Being an age old technique, it can’t be matched by any other source of mindfulness.

With an unhealthy lifestyle and the high-profile metropolitan life, the folk has lost their inner peace and mindfulness. They wander and search for peace but are so dumbstruck in the daily hap hazards of life that they fail to give those minutes to themselves.

To ease out their life and spread peacefulness, many apps are into being today that help you get some tips to meditate and relax your inner soul. This gave me an idea to list down the top mindfulness apps for you.

For getting the best out of the list of thousand apps available, we took various factors into consideration some of which I would surely like to share here:

  • The app popularity and number of users.
  • The reliability on the solutions provided by the apps as it is the matter of health and you can’t risk it.
  • The user reviews and ratings on different sites.
  • The features and the problems they focus on like sleeping issues, weight management etc.
  • Compatibility with devices.

Keeping all these in mind, we went through a deep research of these factors and finally derived this list which goes as:

1. Aura

Top 10 Mindfulness and Meditation apps


The simplicity of this app is what makes it come to the list of Top Mindfulness apps. It is beautifully personalized for every kind of person where it ask for how do you feel at a particular time. It is just like an app first wants to understand you before giving any suggestion.

Based on your feelings and conditions, Aura provides different solutions like sleep music, coaching sessions, calming music, etc. Out of various choices, you can definitely try them and choose the one that works for you. As every body is different so it is very important to first figure out what works for you. This might surely make it more productive.

So, if you are really looking for some peace out there, I would recommend you to give it a try. Hopefully, it won’t disappoint you.

2. Calm

Top 10 Mindfulness and Meditation apps


Calm is one of the most famous meditation apps, launched in 2012. It is being ranked in various lists. In a recent study it was ranked as “World’s Happiest App”. Having achieved around 31 million downloads till date, they aim for more appraises. It provides with very quick meditation sessions. The time ranges from 5 to 25 min. Because of being the fastest, its being listed in the Top Mindfulness Apps.

Calm provides with different sessions for different conditions like sleep improvement, mind relaxation and to develop positive attitude. Calm provides the relaxing sound of falling rain automatically in the background, but you can also choose to be greeted by a crackling fireplace, crickets, or something called “celestial white noise.”

With so many distinct features, it surely deserves a place in this list of Top Mindfulness apps.

3. Headspace

Top 10 Mindfulness and Meditation apps

Headspace also provide the users with spoken-word exercises that lasts for around 10 minutes a day, beginning with a 10-session pack that comes free with the initial download. It also offers SOS meditations at the time of crisis. There is also a facility of short meditation for the people on the run who can’t devote more time.

The Headspace app has 350 hours of guided meditation lessons. Each session is started with a “checking-in” routine, allowing the user to get settled in and ready to meditate. After this routine, the users are guided for further steps to be followed in the process. With these features, I think it completely justifies its existence in this list of Top Mindfulness apps.

4. Mindfulness Daily

Top 10 Mindfulness and Meditation apps

This provides with innumerable  benefits only within few minutes of a day. It is best known for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety. The team behind this app collaborates with some of the world’s most sought-after scientists, physicians, researchers, trainers, and coaches to create their a format that works great on mobile devices. Thus, the solutions provided are very scientific understanding every bit of the mind psychology.  It is best app to promote sleep thus is used by various sleep deprived people.

5. Smiling Mind

Top 10 Mindfulness and Meditation apps

This app is distinguished from others by providing the age specific solutions to the users. Y​_ou can mention your age along with your troubles and it will provide you with a customized solution based on it. If you want an advice for your kids, you can surely turn up to smiling mind and it will help you to cope up with the struggling emotions. The company behind this app is 100% not-for-profit. They are seeking to create a positive change in the world for every generation. Thus, with such a hope to make a difference it deserves a place in this list of Top Mindfulness Apps.

6. Omvana

Top 10 Mindfulness and Meditation apps

Omvana is known for providing audio tracks for different mental issues. Omvana provide its users with over 500 of the world’s most effective transformational audio tracks to help improve different areas of life. This bring them down to the list of Top Mindfulness Apps. They are a passionate group of people from all over the world and also they believe that meditation has a transformative effect on the mind. This app allows the users to check what works best for them and based on that they can re-create the sequences for the best possible results.

7. Mindbody

Top 10 Mindfulness and Meditation apps

Mindbody is an app with a perfect combination of meditation and fitness. It serves all purposes including fitness tracking. It provides with classes and services for fitness, wellness and beauty. You can take care of yourself in the most beautiful way by choosing the workout you want for yourself. Even the starting sessions have proved to be very effective for various medications. You can get different sessions like for yoga, fitness tracking, etc. all under the same app. Hence, it justifies the conditions of being in the List of Top Mindfulness Apps.

8. Insight Timer

Top 10 Mindfulness and Meditation apps

Its called a home to over 5 Million of Mediators, providing with over 4500 free guided meditations. With this huge number, it is one of the top rated free medication app available on both android and iOS store. With its help, you can customize your meditation using the background sounds and meditation tool intervals to create a unique experience that works best for you. What adds it to the Top Mindfulness apps is the feature to get the sessions offline. Its really helpful in case of any remote or isolated place user.

9. Breethe


Top 10 Mindfulness and Meditation apps

Finally we have got a perfect app for beginners to meditation and mindfulness. As meditation is not not a very common topic among various groups and communities, this app provides with basic instructions and usefulness of meditation and how can you attain mindfulness in the easiest possible way.

If you have stress issues, anxiety or any sleeping problems, you can know all about them through this app and can therefore find the best possible solutions and sessions for the same. You can get most of it for free and some features can be attained by premium subscription. Thus, this app should be promoted more and therefore I have listed it here as one of the Top Mindfulness Apps.

10. Simply Being

Top 10 Mindfulness and Meditation apps

The last one in the list of Top Mindfulness Apps is Simply Being. The creators of this app have championed the popular Meditation Oasis podcast.  If the soothing graphics doesn’t relax your body and mind, probably the meditations on this app will in some or the the way.

This app gently encourages you to meditate regularly, nudging you to practice meditation at different times during the day. You can also customize the length of meditations. It gives the most importance to music and you have an option to listen to to the meditation sounds with or without the background music playing.

With this we have reached to the end of our list  of Top Mindfulness Apps. Hope you enjoyed reading. We tried our best of research to conclude this list. But still if you have any other suggestion or idea, you are always free to write back to us at [email protected] or you can also reach out to the comments section below. Your inputs are appreciated.

For more of such articles and information, stay tuned with our blog. Keep reading and keep sharing!


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