Travelling from one place to another can be a hectic task. It could be your daily commute to the office, a friend’s place, or maybe you’re just travelling abroad. Whatever the case may be if you are capable of finding a great ridesharing app then travelling anywhere becomes way to easy. Therefore in this article, we have mentioned some of the top ridesharing apps that are available around the globe.

Note: Some of these ridesharing apps are available in a particular country while others are available in multiple. Feel free to get in touch with a taxi app development if you’re planning to get a ridesharing app created for you.


About: Uber is one of the best cab services that are available around the world. It has established in many countries and has come out as an example and an inspiration to many others. It can easily be quoted as the top ridesharing apps that are out there. With Uber, all you have to do is just request a cab and you’re good to go. Using the service, one can easily book a shared ride and travel with minimal fare and ease. It provides you with the best services and is a true example in its niche.

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About: Droupr is a ridesharing application that is being widely used in Malaysia. It connects people who are about to hit the road with people who have the same destination. It is a great idea since the driver gets a share of amount for his/her empty seats while on the other hand, the passenger gets cheaper rides. It is a great application, therefore, needs to be placed in the list of top ridesharing apps. It is a simple yet great way to travel in Malaysia and if you are someone who lives there or visiting their then it can connect you with people who are trustworthy enough to travel alongside.

3.Ola Share

About: India is a popular destination to travel and is liked by many travellers. Apart from Uber, Ola is another service that is running quite successfully. It is one of the top ridesharing apps that one could use if they are visiting the country. They have connectivity all throughout the nation even at places where Uber is not accessible. The service is operational in over 100+ cities with 3,00,000 cabs and taxis. There are multiple services that Ola offers like Micro rides, mini rides, premium rides, bike ride, auto ride etc. Ridesharing is one of those features that can be used at a fingertip. It is  great and can be easily recommended making it a worthy rival in the list of top ridesharing apps.


About: Wingz is another really dependable service that is operating in almost 30 cities in the USA. Wingz is a peer to peer transportation company that gets you private, scheduled, and fixed priced services. Initially, the service was more focused on providing rides to and from the airport. Although, now they have turned themselves into a full-fledged ridesharing experience. The service allows you to get a specific driver and also schedule the ride as per your likeness. Here you can also create a list of favourite drivers that can be available for your future bookings. It is a great service and hence makes the list of top ridesharing apps that are out there.


About: Via is another really great smart and affordable service that can be used in the USA. The service lets you easily book a ride on a finger tap. It will connect you with riders who are going the same way. The most popular cities in which you can use Via in NYC, Washington D.C., Chicago and more. It offers multiple varieties of services like on-demand, shared service ride along with multiple passengers heading in the same direction. It is another top ridesharing apps that one can use and be wherever they want to be.


About: Curb is available in the USA in over 65 cities that connects a network of over 50,000 taxis and cabs. It is easy as a breeze to book a ride in this service. It includes major cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Miami, Washington D.C etc. The ride is offered to the passenger in the form of three services: Ride Now, Ride Later, and Pair & Pay. With Curb, you are getting licensed and fully-insured drivers. Also, upon using the referral code, the passenger can even get a free ride out of it. It is a great service and hence is meant to be mentioned in the list of top ridesharing apps.


About: Juno is a service that is owned by Gett but we’ll be talking about it later. The service has been specifically developed to work in the United States. The application is available to the user for both Android and iOS. In comparison to most of its competitors, the service takes a small cut per ride. The service when started to give a share of about 50% of equity to its driver by the founder. Although, the service was later purchased by Gett. The service did its beta with over 2000 drivers working for it. Although, apart from all the history, it is a reliable way of travelling from one place to another, making it a worthwhile entry in the list of top ridesharing apps.


About: If you are looking for luxury then get can be your getaway with style. The service gets you the UK’s highest-rated, fully-licensed cab drivers. With this service, the user can actually get doorstep pickups and get anywhere faster. The service has an average rating of 4.8 by most of the customers. The great thing about this service is that it is completely carbon neutral. They are offsetting about 7,500 tons of CO2 per year by using shiny electric vehicles. The service is available in many important cities of the UK like Glasgow, Coventry, London, Manchester etc. It is another great service and deserves to be on our list of top ridesharing apps.


About: Grab is a lot more than just a ridesharing app. It also offers food-delivery services that can get you your meal at home. Also with this application, you can get the most convenient booking service that will work with your private cars and taxis. The ride service is offered to you in different variants like GrabCar, GrabCar Plus, and GrabCar Premium. Also, they offer family-friendly rides with child booster seats. It is an ideal service where you can also find a cab that can fit up to 6 up to six people. It also offers services like Grab Shuttle, Grab Express, Grab Fresh, GrabPay, Grab TukTuk etc. If you are looking for a ride-hailing service then this is one that can be easily placed in the list of top ridesharing apps.


About: BlaBlaCar is a service that is successfully running in many countries like Belgium, Russia, Romania, Serbia, France, India, Mexico, Luxembourg, United States etc. The service allows you to share rides with passengers who are going the same way. It is a great carpool service that is being used by millions of people around the world. Also, all the riders here are verified using a legitimate Id and it is quite safe to use this service as a whole. It saves the rider from taking the bear of the full trip while gets an easy way for the passengers to travel for cheap and with comfort. It is the last entry of the list and truly deserves to be mentioned in the list of top ridesharing apps. 

So these were some of the top ridesharing apps. In case, if you are looking forward to a mobile app development company to create one for you then maybe we can help. In order to send us an enquiry mail us at [email protected]. We have also written an article on top brain training games, therefore, to reach the article click on the link here. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reaching it until the end.

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