Do you have an app idea and want to get it developed? The chances are that you already searched the internet on how to get the job done and may have heard stories of hiring from Upwork, or hiring from app development companies directly or hiring freelancers from elsewhere. Nevertheless, There are mainly two professional options to hire. One way is to , to outsource the project to a freelancer while other is to hire an app development agency (depending upon your size of the project and skills needed). Both options have their own pros and cons, like hiring freelancer can be a good idea when you want a little task to be done that needs an expertise on one skill only while hiring an app development company is better when you need to develop whole app from scratch and need multitude of skills apart from just one (like you need designer, backend developer apart from iOS and Android developer in case of app development projects).

Hiring from Upwork is mostly fruitful when it is done for one-skill-oriented non programming jobs like article writing, Search engine optimization, design creation; these are the categories for which these freelancing marketplaces actually came into existence and we recommend hiring from upwork for such tasks since it is quicker, easier, and convenient to shortlist and select candidates.

At the same time, Hiring from upwork for Mobile Apps development projects can be a tricky process, especially for the ones who’ve not done it before. We need to appreciate the fact that Mobile App development is a fairly complex process compared to non-tech. gigs or even small tech. tasks, and therefore requires not an individual but a team of highly skilled App developers, front-end programmers, graphic designers, back-end developers, and software testers to accomplish the project and deliver a quality app, and also a level of professionalism and post-delivery accountability so that the customer is never alone. Now, with all due respect, it is pretty hard for an individual freelancer to compete with the quality of work rolled out by professional app development companies that exist beyond the freelancing platforms like upwork.

You can’t hire or get in touch with such quality app development companies via upwork or similar freelancing platforms, and there is a reason for that. Such companies gain their customers who’ve selected them on the basis of quality, portfolio, and cost-quality ratio instead of just on the basis of lowest-bid-wins, from places beyond upwork (like google search, forums networking, events, references and what not).

We consider ourselves as one such App development company only which doesn’t rely on upwork or other freelancer sites to gain new customers. App companies like ours don’t want to go to the lowest-bid-wins route and prefer relying on offering best quotes, transparency, reliability to our customers. Let’s now consider Pros and Cons of Hiring from Uwork:-

Pros of hiring from Upwork:

– A large global pool of freelancers to choose from.

– Easy to post project, and then Review and feedback system.

– Extra protection of payments using escrow services.

– You can hire for a wide category of skills.

Cons of hiring from Upwork:

– Its pretty tempting not to select the lowest-quote but it most of the times bring the lowest quality also. Freelancers who don’t value their time and skills can hardly value your work either.

-It takes some “special skills” to actually select someone to do your job, when there are slew of proposal to your project within minutes you posted it, when all claims they can do it. Getting proposals from upwork is easier, but selecting one isn’t.

– A lot of professional programmers are still not on upwork.

– Most self-proclaimed Freelancers ain’t really full timers either, they instead of try to catch some part-time small work that they can do burning midnight oil, and you might not want to hire part-timers for your serious App project just to save some bucks, or would you?

– No matter how solid feedback system looks from outside, its a broken and can be manipulated by many sellers. A simple google search can lead you to many such stories. No mistake on uwork part but you know how people can misuse a platform.

– It’s much of a “mechanical process” to hire a “human” who would potential work with you for long, and even the transparency is lesser compared to what an app development company can offer, most of the times dedicated sales guys are bidding on proposals while actual engineers ain’t anywhere in the scene.

Why hiring from Agicent is a great idea instead of hiring from Upwork?

1. Humanistic, Realistic, and Pragmatic:- You deal with real team, talk to them everyday, always keep in touch with decision makers and we work with you as partners, discuss options, share advice, modify specs for good, and keep there for long – exactly offering everything that you need in your app development team. Upwork keeps busy matching buyers with sellers, while we keep busy doing your work, in a better way.

2. Focus:- Agicent App company is a legally incorporated company and not an individual or a team of freelancers, and we do only one thing and that is “App Development”.  We’re focused and dedicated to app development while Upwork is generic.

3. Expertise and Assurance:- Every member of our team is tried, tested, and superbly vetted. 9 out of 10 times, the engineer assigned on your project must have worked on at least 2 other projects in the past at Agicent in front of our eyes, and therefore you can be assured of the expertise. You can’t find this level of vetting on upwork.

4. Accountability:- We are 100% accountable for your project, the contract is signed between you and us under the law of your land. Upwork is just a platform where the liability of the work is not theirs but of the worker and you can end up confusing whom to chase at the time of grievance. We on the other hand offer a FREE 3 months warranty with every project we delivery and keep available even beyond that.

5. Startup Friendly:- We’ve flexible payment plans, Rapid MVP development, scaling up or down the team is fairly easy, you’re assigned with a dedicated Account Manager who makes sure everything you need is well managed and delivered. There is no such Account manager on upwork.

In conclusion, a fair statement to make is that Pros and Cons of hiring from upwork Vs hiring from Agicent app company are strictly dependent upon the kind of app development project you have. Upwork remains a go-to option for smaller on-off tasks, while Agicent App company is your best option when it comes to complete App development project. Therefore, it is important to distinguish which category your project falls in and then decide which option to choose.

You can send us an email with your project information and budget to [email protected] and we can also help you decide the best options to get it developed.

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