Agicent in news for Pregmo App – covered by Huffpost

So, we never knew we’d be covered in 2017 by none other than Huffpost for the cute App Pregmo (A movie making app for lovely pregnant ladies) that we recently developed for our inspiring client Ms. Jasmine Katatikarn. The idea of Pregmom by Jasmine was itself so good that we could make a quality App in just a matter of few weeks, though this whole testing process has been just pixel perfect and good productive hours went into the same. Jasmine a lovely smiling customer, but you just can’t get away with a bug on the app when she is the one checking everything, and that coordination worked so well and resulted as Premo version 1.0 for iOS that every one is liking so far.


The App has started getting good press coverage and word of mouth within just few days of its launch, it isn’t your “complex” looking Gizmo App but a real utility App for Pregnant women and offers them a new dimension to celebrate their journey of become a Mother, and that is what might have struck the chord.


And as always, we are really happy being the App developers of this App, and feel humbled to see our name getting featured along with the App. Thanks, Jasmine for giving us this opportunity to be a part of this campaign, and now we are all set to launch an Android version of Premo, and might go live in another few weeks, so stay tuned, Android users.


The original Huffpost news on this app is at this link –, so read it, download the app copy, and review the app. Your love would take the app and ourselves a long way.


And yes, we wish Jasmine and all other wonderful pregnant ladies a blissful Motherhood. You ladies, are just rocking! 🙂

Take care…


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