iPhone X Review

So folks, as I promised in my last article (iPhone 8 Review) I’m finally here to do an iPhone X Review. Apple launched The iPhone X to celebrate its 10th anniversary with a compelling tagline “Say hello to the future” and we’re already sold to the idea! You can, well, call us as Apple Fanboys, we take it as a compliment.

The iPhone X doesn’t follow any of the Apple’s conventional design strategies. Instead, it is designed with scratch with a very thin bezel display and with no Home button which means you can no longer use Touch ID for device authentication. No worries! iPhone X introduces a new way to lock/unlock and even make payments (using Apple Pay) called Face ID. iPhone X will use your face for device authentication. Despite the fact that Face ID feature didn’t work at the Apple’s annual event, the feature is quite promising as it is the easiest and secure way to unlock any device.

Apart from the new Face ID and design, iPhone X doesn’t add much other extra features to the invested money. Apple has used a super HD retina display with True Tone technology for iPhone X screen which stretches to every edge of the device. It also comes with a 12 MP wide angle and telephoto cameras which is almost of the same quality as in iPhone 8 Plus. However, you get dual optical image stabilization in iPhone X. Interestingly, the rest of the specs between iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are same in spite of such a huge price gap. Therefore, you can settle yourself for iPhone 8 Plus, if Face ID recognition doesn’t excite you much.

Important news for apps owners:- Apple is now supporting drop for 32-bit iOS apps on their latest devices. That means you should start porting your 32-bit apps to 64-bit versions as soon as possible. If you need some technical assistance, then send us an email at [email protected]. We will get back to you with an instant price quote. You can also hire our iOS development team on an hourly basis.

Release date and price:-

You can start booking iPhone X from October 22, and the shipments will begin from November 3. In case, if you want to buy an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, then the booking will start from September 15, and the delivery process will start from September 22 onwards. The price of iPhone X (64 GB) base model is $999 and iPhone X (256 GB) will cost you around $1149.

Now, apart from iPhone X review, let us also see how is it different from iPhone 8 plus in terms of features, prices, and specifications:-

Features and Specs comparison of iPhone X with iPhone 8 Plus:-

 Features iPhone X iPhone 8 Plus
Display 5.8 inch Super Retina HD display 5.5 inch Retina HD display.
Camera 12 MP back camera + 7 MP front camera
Dual Optical Image Optimization
12 MP back camera + 7 MP front camera
Optical Image Optimization
Authentication Face ID powered by TrueDepth Camera Touch ID powered by second generation fingerprint scanning built right on the Home button.
Processor A11 Bionic chip
Neural engine
M11 motion coprocessor
A11 Bionic chip Neural engine M11 motion coprocessor
Weight 174 grams 202 grams
Battery backup 2 hours longer than iPhone 7 Same as iPhone 7 Plus

And because of the new Face ID and (no) Home button, iPhone X will be much easier to use. Your phone will get unlocked as soon as you will look into it and even in the dark. iPhone X uses on-screen touch gestures for user interaction like a simple swipe up to open the home screen from any application. To switch between apps, a simple swipe up and hold it a little longer and you will see all recently opened apps. Now, that’s a new way to multitask, but it is surely fast as compared to conventional methods.

How secure is Face ID?

The chances of getting your iPhone X unlocked by any stranger are almost 1 in a million, as mentioned by Phil Schiller at the Apple launch event. Face ID uses a TrueDepth camera to generate a face map and stores it on the device. The stored face credential is matched with the detected face map of the person who unlocks your iPhone. In order to keep the face data secure, Apple doesn’t transfer this data over the network.

Face ID will even recognize your face even in the dark places as iPhone X is equipped with an infrared camera. Face ID feature is also smart enough to learn your face changes over the time and recognize it even if you wear wigs, hats, or any other accessories. Apple even tested it with fake masks and photos and the Face ID passed all the tests with flying colors except at the launch event. From here the feature looks great, but let’s see how well it works on the ground.

iPhone X vs iPhone 8? Which one should you go for?

Buy iPhone X if:-

  1. You want the latest biometric authentication i.e. Face ID which is indeed secure and fast.
  2. Better display and large screen size.
  3. Create animated emojis of your face. iPhone X also comes with a feature called Animoji which uses its facial recognition skills to turn a face into an animated emoji. The animated emoji imitates the face of the person in real-time.
  4. Better camera. Although, there might not be a major difference from 8 Plus camera. But it does support dual optical image stabilization.
  5. Different design iPhone.

Why pick an iPhone 8 Plus instead:-

  1. Cheaper than iPhone X. The cost difference between the base iPhone 8 Plus model and base iPhone X model is $200.
  2. Technical specs are almost same. It is as powerful as iPhone X as it uses the same Apple processor and GPU.

We at Agicent App development agency believe that Apple’s new iPhone X model has set the path for a new generation of smartphones that we might see growing in the next decade. Also, it has opened more opportunities for iOS developers to build interesting apps leveraging the new iPhone ecosystem and make the most out of the app development business.

We hope you liked this iPhone X Review and comparison with iPhone 8, and our next article would be a comparison between iPhone X and Samsung Note 8, stay tuned!

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